The new assimilation

For thousands of years, when we were in galut, the gentiles tried to destroy the Jewish people by death and assimilation. They failed. They didn't destroy us, they only caused the opposite to happen. HaShem drew us out of the nations and brought us back to our own land so we could be a separate, distinct, and holy people, who would eventually be an example to the rest of the world. When this began to happen the world had to change tactics. "If you can't beat them, join them." They want to join us so they can corrupt and destroy Judaism and Israel from the inside. That is why so many of them want to be Jews in some form or another now. That is why many movements and new religions (mixture of xianity and Judiasm) have come about. That is why so many of them are obsessed with Israel. They don't want to let us "go out". The situation of the holocaust, the nations of the world "allowing" the State of Israel to be born and their continued evil plans to destroy us mirror our calling out to HaShem from Mitzrayim, Paroah "allowing" us to leave and then changing his mind and following after us to destroy us. The only thing that is yet to happen is our enemies destruction and our rejoicing.



We live in a world where the lines between Jew and non-Jew have not just been blurred but completely destroyed.

We live in a world where the person praying next to you in shul or at the kotel could just as easily be a xian rather than a Jew.

We live in a world where Judaism has been mixed with idolatry to form a new religion called Judeo-xianity.

We live in a world where Orthodox Jews call xians brother.

We live in a world where a Jew can believe yeshu is G-d and still call himself an Orthodox Rabbi.

We live in a world where the goyim want our inheritance and are getting help from Jews to take it from us.

But this must come to an end. Either we stop it or Ha Kodosh Baruch Hu will. We still have free choice but HaShem will only let his name and his holy mountain be desecrated for so long.