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There is a very interesting post on Tomer Devorah about identifying the Erev Rav and is a must read for separating from them.



I wish I had more time to deal with this issue but I don't so I am just posting here the information I have received and you can be the judge.
The following was in an email on recommended voting list from Moshe Feiglin for Likud Primaries.

General List
Moshe Feiglin (151)
Sagiv Asulin (106) Young Leadership slot

Well there is something the Israeli public should know about Sagiv Assulin.
The following is an excerpt of an email sent by xians requesting contributions for Sagiv Assulin.

.....leaders with integrity in the Likud and other coalition parties that are beginning to understand who Ephraim is and are willing to work toward bringing Ephraim home! Seeing this with our own eyes was astonishing and exciting. Specifically, on November 16 at the World Wide Biblical Zionists inauguration ceremony, some top Likud party members attended and addressed the approximately 300 attendees.
Those speaking to us were Ayoob Kara, Ullie Edelstein, Gideon Saar, and Sagiv Assulin. Gideon Saar is head of the committee under Benjamin Netanyahu to form the coalition of the next government when the Likud party takes control in February 2009. Ayoob Kara is the Project Operations Manager for WBZ and now a key partner in Ephraim's coming home. Ben and I were honored to personally meet Ayoob and other Druze leaders.
We were excited and honored to hear the first three men address us/Ephraim as allies and partners in helping Judah and the Land of Israel. The final and key speaker was Sagiv Assulin, Likud member currently running for position in the Knesset. We were astonished as he spoke from his heart calling us brothers and sisters and read from his Scriptures Ezekiel 37 about the sticks coming together! The crowd responded with a standing ovation. This summer Sagiv toured numerous states in the U.S. where he was introduced to Ephraim.

He is Vice President of WBZ and an attorney. As an attorney and Likud leader he is well positioned to represent us, Ephraim.

Support Sagiv Assulin by donating to his campaign. Donations must be received before December 8th. I believe Sagiv has been chosen for such a time as this to support Ephraim's return to the Land! He is asking Ephraim to support him through prayers and donations.

Sagiv says, "My heart is to see Judah and Ephraim join here in the land and see the hand of HaShem do great and mighty things." This is our opportunity to support and encourage Sagiv Assulin to open the door through Knesset leadership and legislation for Ephraim to come home. Any amount donated helps.

Here is Sagiv's speech at the Worldwide Biblical Zionist inauguration.

In case some of you missed my posts on Ephraimites and the WBZ, the main point is they are xians who want to "make aliyah and claim their tribal inheritance".




The xians are attaching themselves to Israel and anything Jewish to make them and their dead leader seem "kosher". They have infiltrated every segment of Israeli society. Here is the latest.

The Jerusalem English Speaking Theatre is putting on "The Diary of Anne Frank" which is being directed by Chuck King.

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the publication of Anne Frank's famous diary, the Jerusalem English Speaking Theatre is proud to present the Pulitzer Prize winning play, The Diary of Anne Frank, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Directed by noted international singer, composer and performer, Chuck King (who you may remember from his roles as Captain Hook and Mr. Darling in last year's JEST production of Peter Pan), the play features thirteen year Avigayeel Kollek, (granddaughter of Teddy Kollek and daughter of film director Amos Kollek) in the title role of Anne Frank.

Chuck King is a messianic (xian) who leads the "worship" services at King of Kings messianic congregation in Binyan Clal. He also works for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. Many Jews believe the myth that the ICEJ is non-missionizing and therefore Chuck King is a "kosher" xian. This could not be further from the truth.

Worship Leader, songwriter, and recording artist Chuck King directs the musical activities of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.
Chuck is responsible for the music and stage production of the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles Celebration, which is Israel’s largest annual tourism event, hosting thousands of Christians from around the world.
Chuck has served as a Worship Leader for King of Kings Assembly, one of Israel's largest Christian congregations, as well as for various conferences and worship events, and he is a featured artist at the Jerusalem Praise Experience hosted by the Pavilion in downtown Jerusalem. His worship songs, in Hebrew and in English, are now being sung in congregations throughout Israel and the world.

From the KOK website:

Centrality of Yeshua the Messiah
We are committed to making Yeshua the Lord of our life, faith and ministry.
We are committed to worship in Spirit and truth for God’s pleasure. We believe worship is a testimony of our passion for God, an instrument of spiritual warfare (2 Chron 20:17-22) and provokes unbelievers to jealousy.
We are committed to praying together for God’s leading, enabling and blessing in all our endeavors. We also encourage the Church around the world to pray for Israel’s physical and spiritual restoration.
Proclaiming the Good News
We are committed to the task of proclaiming with our lips and our lives that Yeshua the Messiah is the only Savior of Israel and the world.

Because much of the Church is cut off from her Hebrew roots, Jewish people have often seen a distorted picture of Yeshua. Consequently we strive to reveal His true face in a loving, culturally relevant and sensitive manner. We also believe that our testimony is made real and compelling when Jewish and non-Jewish disciples serve together as “one new man”.(Ephesians 2:15)

Wayne Hilsden, pastor of KOK messianic congregation has this to say about Chuck:

Chuck’s life, as well as that of his family, continues to set an example of Yeshua’s love to the people of Israel.

According to the ICEJ website

The play is also being produced in part by the ICEJ, and is endorsed by the Christian Desk of Yad Vashem, which was recently opened by the ICEJ and Yad Vashem to broaden the outreach and scope of Holocaust studies and anti-Semitism issues to the Christian world.

ICEJ had a speaking tour accross America in 2004. In the ICEJ's magazine, Word from Jerusalem, it says:

Accompanied by ICEJ music director Chuck King, Malcolm(Hedding) and Michael(Utterback)were able to introduce thousands of Americans to the work of the Christian Embassy. Powerful meetings also were held in regional churches, where hundreds more were touched with the message of God's purpose for modern-day Israel and the role of Christians in her physical and spiritual restoration.

Israel can only be "spiritually restored" when all Jews come to belief in yeshu according to xians.

Not only has Chuck King starred in and directed several plays for JEST but his two daughters Jessica and Kaitlyn also participated. His daughter Katie will be choreographing a production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, scheduled for May.

From Chuck Kings newsletter Fall 2007:

Some months ago, we noticed an ad in the Jerusalem Post announcing auditions for the beloved musical Peter Pan. On a lark, Chuck, Jessye and Katie tried out-and with success. Jessye is putting her dancing skills to work as one of Tiger Lily’s Indian braves, Chuck is playing the notorious Captain Hook, and Katie will appear in the title role as Peter Pan! In addition, Chuck assumed the responsibility of musical direction, as well as helping to give oversight to the young directors on several aspects of the show, being produced by the Jerusalem English Speaking Theater Company (JEST).

With rehearsals occurring three times per week, this has been a real commitment of time and energy, but on the other hand, we have approached this project with enthusiasm and excitement. Besides being a tremendous opportunity to break out from the very small Christian community in Jerusalem and to engage ourselves for the benefit of the city’s culture, we have had the opportunity to forge meaningful and long lasting relationships with many wonderful (and talented) members of the English-speaking Jewish community here in Jerusalem.

The first step to evangelizing a Jew is to build a relationship/friendship because a Jew won't listen to a xian preaching on the street but he will listen to a friend talk about his personal life which includes Yeshu.

We must stop this unholy mixture of Jew and Gentile, xianity and Judaism, Israel and the nations. We were called to be set apart and holy.

From Havdallah:

....who makes a distinction between sacred and secular, between light and darkness, between Israel and the other nations, between the seventh day and the six working days.