There is only one true religion and that is Judaism. Judaism has a place and path for non-Jews but not a separate, equal, parallel religion for the non-Jew being promoted by some “Rabbis” recently.


“Non-Jews who come to the Jewish people and want to be ger toshav, want to be part of the Jewish community as strangers, as converts but not convert to Judaism but to the non-Jewish, Jewish community...."

huh ?? Converts but not convert to Judaism? non-Jewish Jewish community? Non-Jews can only be part of the Jewish community by converting to Judaism, that’s it. Many of the mitzvoth were given specifically to separate us from the non-Jews.

“Many Rabbis when faced with a potential convert, will suggest that the convert will consider being a Noahide, being a ger toshav" A Noahide isn’t something one considers or becomes. Every non-Jew who believes in Hashem and only in Hashem is a Noahide. Presuming that a non Jew who approaches a Rabbi for conversion already believes Hashem is the one and only G-d, he is already a Noahide. He is commanded by Hashem to refrain from committing murder, stealing, taking and eating the flesh of an animal while it is still alive and blaspheming the name of Hashem. He is commanded to set up (or follow) a system of law and to abstain from a series of sexual prohibitions, which include adultery, incest, bestiality and male homosexuality.

Noahides and ger toshav are not the same, the words cannot be used interchangeably. There are many halachot when determining the status of a ger toshav. Ger toshav status cannot be given until there is a recognized Sanhedrin and only in a yovel year. Even under these circumstances the Sanhedrin can deny status if it will be detrimental to the Jewish people in any way. A ger toshav is entitled to be support by the Jewish community. This obviously could only apply to a small number of non-Jews as it is a burden on the Jewish people. This could never apply to the millions of non-Jews that are interested in ger toshav status in order to live in Eretz Yisrael.

There may be Rabbis who want to change the halachah but whether or not that would or should happen, it is irresponsible and down right dangerous to be promoting the idea of ger toshav among the goyim.

“Ideally the Jewish people should have taught the Torah to the whole world but we didn’t do it, that’s the bottom line, we didn’t do it” I have heard this from almost every Rabbi who is working with non-Jews. "If you repeat something enough times it becomes fact" may work in the media and politics but it doesn’t work in halachah. This idea came from the non-Jews. They are the ones telling the Jews, "You were supposed to be a light to the nations", "you failed in your mission". This is not only anti-semitic it is anti-Torah.

First of all, when were we supposed to teach the goyim Torah? When they were exiling us from their countries, forcing us to convert to their false religions or trying to eradicate us from the planet? Second, there is no commandment to teach Torah to non-Jews on the contrary it is forbidden. You may ask, what about being a light to the nations or verse that says the Torah will go out from Jerusalem? These are statements not commandments and will come about only after Mashiach comes and institutes a society based on the Torah. Right now you have many Rabbis teaching many corrupt forms of Torah. There is no leadership and no authority. Of course this is just the argument used to justify the real agenda which is the erev rav agenda of mixing Jews and non-Jews and Judaism and other religions.

This argument promotes another false idea that a person can’t know Hashem except through a mediator, the Jews. The soul of a sincere and good person searches out Hashem just like Avraham did. Hashem sees when a person desires truth and he leads them to the truth. To say false religions and idolatry and the judgement and condemnation on all its adherents for thousands of years is all the fault of the Jewish people because we are a big failure is sick. What kind of a cruel G-d would select a people to be messengers, knowing they would fail and then punish all those who didn’t receive the message?

It is very important that when taking in any information, no matter the source, we carefully scrutinize it for even the smallest percentage of untruth. By separating the lies from the truth we continue making the tikkun for the sin in Gan Eden and hopefully preserve the pure truth of Torah and help spread it to others.



In case you missed it, here is what has happened since last Thursday, the beginning of Ramadan and the month of Tammuz.

Friday,June 19
--An Israeli citizen was shot and killed at point-blank range in the West Bank on Friday. The attack took place near the Dolev settlement, according to Israel's emergency medical service Magen David Adom, which stated the two men who were shot at by militants were in their 20s. The man fatally shot was later identified as 25-year-old Danny Gonen.

Saturday, June 20
--Israel Police reports that a firebomb was thrown at an Egged bus this evening in the Eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Yaakov...alongside the adjacent neighborhood of Beit Hanina. (source)

--A firebomb was thrown at Kever Rachel

--Chareidi family saved from lynching near Shaar Shechem (source)

--Attack on Ramle yeshiva with fireworks that started a brush fire (source)

Sunday, June 21
--A Palestinian assailant stabbed an Israeli border policeman outside Jerusalem's Old City, critically wounding him, with the officer managing to shoot his attacker, leaving him in critical condition.

--Just hours after a stabbing attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate in the Old City seriously wounded an Israel border policeman on Sunday, riots erupted on the scene where dozens of Palestinians threw rocks at Israeli forces in the area, continuing an apparent escalation in tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank since the beginning of Ramadan on Thursday. (source)

--Molotov cocktails and rocks were hurled at a bus near Geva Binyamin in the West Bank. The 45-year-old bus driver was lightly wounded by broken glass and a few people were treated for shock.

 --A Molotov cocktail was also thrown at police forces near the Ma'ale Ze'etim in East Jerusalem where a police car suffered damage and police began searching for suspects in the act.

 --Molotov cocktail was thrown at police near the cliffs of Isawiya next to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Monday, June 22
--A rock attack against a train traveling from Tel Aviv to Beersheva was reported during the Monday evening rush hour, 5 Tammuz. A window was cracked from the impact but it was not blown out of place. (source)

Tuesday, June 23 
--Rocket attack from Gaza (ISIS) near Yad Mordechai
(Muqata, fb)

Wednesday, June 24
--Two illegal Palestinian workers are suspect in the murder of a 70-year-old farmer, David Bar, who was declared deceased Wednesday evening at Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center after being severely beaten in his fields in Moshav Pedaya near Rehovot where Bar lived.

Thursday, June 25
--Cleared for publication: Earlier today a Gazan drone was identified flying over Gaza towards the Israeli border. The drone crash landed near the border. No damage or injuries reported.
(Muqata, fb)

--Molotov cocktails start fire in town near Jerusalem (source)

Many attacks aren’t being covered by the media while Netanyahu claims the security situation has improved. (source)



When we examine the workings of our words, we come to see that they, more than any other human capacity, define us.  What we say and how we say it is who we are. Angry hurtful words define an angry hurtful person.  Kind, considerate words define a kind, considerate person.  This can be seen by considering the unique nature of the tongue: it is partially hidden and partly revealed.  It is usually not seen, but it is heard.  Maharal concludes that Hashem designed the tongue to reflect its function, which is to reveal the hidden self--one's thoughts, ideas and personality.  The tongue takes these hidden elements from within the person and through words, brings them into the open. 
The laws of proper speech are Hashem's specific practical directives for how to use this defining capacity. They teach us how to look at people, speak to people and speak about people. They reflect the Torah's wisdom which sees the impact and ripple effect of every negative interaction.  The Torah understands that at the core of virtually every broken friendship, shattered career or divorce is a seed of hatred, a seed usually planted by a hurtful word.  The Torah's laws reflect Hashem's knowledge that much of the pain and anguish of life can be averted by restraining ourselves from sowing these seeds.  It is actually a simple principle: If one removes negativity, gossip, slander and divisiveness from one's vocabulary, one automatically and dramatically improves one's own life and the lives of everyone in one's environment.
(Artscroll Series, Chofets Chaim A Lesson A Day by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz.)

A sincere study of the laws of Shmirat Lashon will change your life, your relationships with others and particularly your relationship with Hashem.

A series of shiurim on the book quoted above entitled taught by Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg, can be downloaded part I, part II and part III.



Shalom Bayit is the foundation the Jewish home is built on. It is a prerequisite to raising healthy Jewish children and it is the key to a successful marriage.

From the "last minute message from Moishe’la";

Discard all excess Gashmius, build a true Jewish home where the husband is an Oved Hashem and an Ohev Yisroel and a Baal Chessed and one that learns Torah, where the wife is a true Tzniusdik Eshes Chayil and the children are Temimusdik, sweet, Erlich, well behaved, and truly believing in Hashem. That is a true Jewish home, a true Bais Hamikdosh Mi'at.

True Shalom Bayit, Rav Shalom Arush;

Shalom bayit (marital peace) is the main purpose of man‟s life in this world; it is the main purpose of the holy Torah. The main purpose of the entire creation is peace. Some people think that there are those who are “lucky” and have their shalom bayit easily. They think that if one attains shalom bayit good; and if not, no big deal. Shalom bayit is not attained by way of miracles or luck, it‟s achieved through hard work. The good news is that we can all merit to attain true shalom bayit.

For those who are not yet married and are looking for a marriage partner, they require many hours of prayer and pleading before Hashem. They should ask Hashem, “Master of the Universe, please help me find my partner in life. May they be the person whom I will be able to complete my mission in life. May they have good character traits and not a person filled with rage; rather full of emuna and happy with their lot in life…” He should ask Hashem for everything.

For those who are already married, they should ask Hashem, “Master of the Universe, help me to only see my spouse and no other person. Help me to grow spiritually with them and raise beautiful children, who will blossom into masters of emuna and loving-kindness. May we merit loving each other endlessly…”

Shalom bayit is a very lofty thing, for a person‟s home is like a mini-Beit HaMikdash where the Divine Presence dwells. Anything less than this is not true shalom bayit. We should all strive to reach a level of shalom bayit where Hashem‟s Divine Presence dwells.

If so, how can we reach this level in order to merit this? The first step is prayer. A person should get into the habit of praying for everything in life; how much more so for shalom bayit which is the main purpose of man? For it is written (Psalms 127:1) “If Hashem doesn‟t build the house, the builders labor in vain.” King David wasn‟t speaking about a physical house; rather, he‟s showing us that if we truly desire to have shalom bayit, we must ask Hashem to help us, otherwise all our efforts are for not. 

Here are three shiurim to build and improve shalom bayit from the Naaleh website.

After a 5 minute preview the site requires you to create an account to view the remaining time.  There is no fee for the account and there are hundreds of other shiurim on many topics.  I thought it was well worth the minute it took to fill out.



Even though this article is on Parshat Toldot and is from 2011 I found it relevant to today.  As always, Rabbi Pinchas Winston shares some great insights into Esav and Erev Rav.

Perceptions 5772 Toldos



The End of Days, by Shmuel Raber,p.23;

Towards the End of Days, an alien entity called the airev rav will rise to power and stand at the head of the Jewish Nation.
("In the period before the Mashiach arrives, audacity will be abundant...and the airev rav will once again become the 'shepherds' over Israel" (Biur haGra on Tikunei Zohar Chadash 27b).

The system of government of the airev rav will be comprised of judges and officers of a low moral standard and arrogant and vulgar individuals who will not place their trust in Hashem but will rely on the power of flesh and blood. (inferred from Sanhedrin 98a)

In just the past week Jews were removed from Har Habayit and Kever David, by our own police under order of our own government, to please the Muslims and the Xians.

POLICE REMOVE RABBI FROM TEMPLE MOUNT FOR MOVING HIS HEAD IN A "PRAYERFUL" MANNERRabbi Shaul Yonatan Weingort, Dean of Yeshivat Shvut Yisrael in Efrat, was removed by police from the Temple Mount this morning for what the police claim was a certain head movement which constituted Jewish prayer. Rabbi Weingort tells the story:"Today I ascended Mount Moriah. It was very quiet, (with the exception of screams of "allahu achbar" as we passed the mosque, to which we have grown accustomed). We were accompanied by four policeman and four Waqf 'guards.' When we stood on the eastern side of the Mount facing the direction of the Holy Temple, we had sixteen eyes staring back at us, and they warned two of us Jews not to even think of praying.But the height of absurdity was when we sat down a little further north, still on the eastern side of the Mount, in a place we call the "Beit Midrash - Study Hall." I closed my eyes for a moment. A policemen immediately approached me and told me that he was removing me from the Temple Mount. He led me off the Temple Mount and told me that five policemen saw me move my head, and that this 'obvious' gesture of prayer was strictly forbidden!When I asked him why this wasn't mentioned in the list of things Jews are not allowed to do on the Temple Mount which was told to us by the police before we ascended the Temple Mount, he answered, "I said that prayer is forbidden, and this includes everything." I asked him in which synagogue he prays and where in the Shulchan Aruch (the authoritative codification of Jewish law), it mentions a head gesture as constituting prayer, (it was clear to me that he was a Druze and not Jewish). He answered, "It doesn't matter in which synagogue I pray, you are not allowed to move your head."This video records the policeman removing Rabbi Weingort from the Temple Mount.
Posted by The Temple Institute on Sunday, May 31, 2015

זוועה בקבר דוד.פניתי לשר לענייני דתות,ח"כ דוד אזולאי בבקשה שידרוש מינוי ועדת חקירה להתנהלות ממשלת ישראל בקבר דוד שבהר ציון.נראה שפקידים מסויימים מנהלים את קבר דוד שמוגדר כמקום קדוש ליהודים מזה אלפי שנים,ופקידים אלה מתנהלים ללא השגחה וליווי של הרבנות הראשית.הסרטון הבא יעורר בכם בושה.בסרטון ניתן לצפות בשוטרי מרחב העיר העתיקה מפנים יהודים הבוקר(יום שני.יד סיון)בעוד היהודים נושאים ספרי תורה ועטופים בטליתות ותפילין, הפינוי נועד לאפשר לנוצרים להיכנס לקבר דוד ולקיים במקום פולחן (קטורת ועוד...)של עבודה זרה ובכך לחלל את המקום המקודש ליהודים.אני תקווה שממשלת ישראל החדשה תנחה את הפקידות ואת המשטרה לשנות את מדיניותם בקבר דוד.
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Rabbi Alon Anava was a secular Israeli who became ba'al tshuva after a near death experience.  His survival was not only miraculous but his story of facing the Beit Din in shamayim has brought many lost Jews back to Hashem and Torah. Rabbi Anava has a website with many great shiurim.
This one is a must see.

 "Mashiach is going to come any day and when Mashiach is going to be here, he's going to have a personal meeting with each person. Now what's gonna happen to a person that comes into the meetings, sits in front of the King and the King tells him 'What did you do to hasten the geulah?', 'What did you do to make me come faster', 'What did you do?'."