"Love your enemies" is not a Jewish teaching

I have been accused of "hate" as if it is always wrong, never called for and even unjewish. To those people I point out the following....

From the Tanakh

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break down and a time to build up; a time to weep and a time to dance; a time to cast stones and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away; a time to rend and a time to sew; a time to keep silent and a time to speak; a time to love a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.(Eccles. 3:1-8)

From Or HaRa'ayon

Mercy toward the cruel is not a good trait. Quite the opposite, one is duty-bound to separate oneself from the evildoer, even if this is a difficult step, and even if it appears cruel. The cruel, wicked person will influence goodness and corrupt it. There can be no coexistence between evil and upright people-only separation.

The mitzvah of eradicating evil from our midst requires us to hate it, as in Psalms 97:10, quoted above, "Those that love the L-rd, hate evil." It is the duty of him that loves G-d to hate evil and evildoers, for they are G-d's enemies. Nonetheless, in the alien Hellenist culture, the themes of love and hatred have been so entirely distorted that it is a terrible crime to speak of hatred as a halachic duty in the right time and place. False love finds a hundred different ways to overlook evil. Advocates of that culture have transformed all such traits as cruelty and revenge into an evil that must be shunned. Such is not the Torah's way... (Or HaRa'ayon p.148)



Rabbi Elyashiv: Refuse Money from IFCJ

by Gil Ronen

(IsraelNN.com) Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, one of the top Torah authorities in the hareidi-religious world, has issued a ruling that says that the public may not take money from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (Keren HaYedidut) headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

Groups that take money from the fund are flouting the Torah's prohibition of idolatry, Rabbi Elyashiv said, and they even aid future missionary activities and grant them legitimacy. “We regret to say that we have learned that several institutions, organizations and charity groups have made mistakes of this nature,” he added.

Taking money from this fund is an “unclean” act, the elderly rabbi said. Other rabbis who made similar decisions include R. Samuel Auerbach, R Nissim Kerlitz, R. Ovadia Yosef, R. Mordechai Eliyahu and others.

The IFCJ was founded in Chicago in 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. The fact that it takes money from Christian groups causes much suspicion in some religious Jewish circles. However, other religious circles have no problem with the group.


Parshat Haazinu

In last week's parsha we read

"They provoke his jealousy with strangers;
they would anger Him with abominations.
They would slaughter to demons without power, gods whom they knew not,
newcomers recently arrived, whom your ancestors did not dread."
(Dvarim 32:16,17, Stone Edition)

According to the commentary this refers to Israel's worshipping strange gods and performing acts of sodomy. The commentary goes on to say, "Israel's provocations will not go unrequited. If the people use God's blessings to anger Him, He will remove the blessings and cast them to the mercies of their enemies."

You would think that with the threat from Iran, Gaza, Lebanon etc., we wouldn't want a parade, "The feast of tabernacles", that glorifies idolatry on the streets of Yerushalayim. It is interesting that the other major yearly parade through the streets of Yerushalayim, the Pride Parade, glorifies sodomy.



There is yet another organization to unite Jew and gentile called Kol Ha Tor. The purpose of this organization is

".....to promote Peace, as prescribed by Bible prophets, between the two greatly divided Houses of Israel, in a discord which originated some 2900 years ago. between the Tribe of Judah and the 10 Northern Israelite Tribes. We envisage furthering this reconciliation through the dissemination of knowledge regarding certain events now taking place in the world, which may well be the fulfillment of these Prophecies."

Sounds good right? But the truth is the 10-tribers mentioned here are messianic(xians) and Ephraimites who still hold the belief that yeshu is not only the Jewish messiah but also G-d.

In case you don't believe me here are the rules of his organization

"Therefore - Kol HaTor Vision requires the following undertaking from all those who wish to associate with, and promote this Vision:

If you are Messianic - to undertake never to proselytize Jews. This includes seeking or assuming opportunities to witness to Jews with the purpose to convince them of your Messiah. Proselytizing is the greatest obstacle to reconciliation from a Jewish viewpoint.

If you are Jewish - to undertake not to insist that 10-Tribers deny their Messiah, as a pre-condition to reconciliation. Jews have to trust HaShem, and must believe and know in their heart and brain, that the upcoming Reconciliation will be carried out in aq G-d guided way that will only enhance Judah's stand with G-d.with Torah, Halachah and its own holy Identity"

Not only is he promoting unity between Jews and xians as brothers but he is inviting them to come tour their "divinely destined homeland", Eretz Yisrael.

"Kol HaTor Succot 2009 Tour of Samaria
- the Biblical Heart Land of Israel
- the Divinely destined Homeland
for the Returning 10 Lost Tribes of Israel"

" Discover the Shomron, the Biblical heartland of Israel and the territory of 10-Israel by Divine Promise. This is unseen territory even to most Israelis today, Tourists are normally taken to the big cities. It is the Israeli settlement of these areas which the world is so desperately opposing, as they unwittingly try and stop the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel by the Coming Messiah. Judah has re-settled the Main Land of modern reborn Israel, officially since 1948, through 9 wars (1948, 1956, 1967, 1970-71, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2006, 2008-9) and ongoing terrorism . The Shomron however, has only been settled since 31 years ago - also by Judah, but, now awaiting the arrival of 10-Israel to formally and convincingly lay claim to the Land, according to Prophecy.

"...There is no profit margin charged on this first commemoration Tour - you are getting it at cost price, meeting with co-believers in fine company in beautiful rural surroundings - in your Promised Homeland!"

While they are here to survey the land, these xians/Ephraimites will be staying in a new 10 bedroom house built especially for them in Karnei Shomron.

Check out the Associates, who are mostly messianic.

We need to be separating good from bad not uniting holy and unholy.


Friends of Israel

Pastor Jim (James) Vineyard has been praised by many in Israel as a true and loyal friend of Israel. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Vineyard runs an organization named "Yedidim of Israel". On April 26-28 of this year Yedidim of Israel held their national conference. The following is an ad for that conference

As a Christian, what is your responsibility to God's chosen people?

Join us for three days of study on Israel and find out what you can do to get involved in evangelizing the Jew.

All pastors in attendance will receive valuable resources, books, and other materials at no charge. The first 10 pastors to register will receive complimentary hotel accommodations for the evening of Monday, April 27, 2009. Please call the church office and we will make your reservations.

Conference registration is free.

Besides the frightening imagery, the brochure tells the following account of how friendship leads to evangelizing

"Part of the 144,000?
While in Israel, Brother Vineyard met Guy Markizano an IDF artillery commander. This opened a huge door to several battalions of IDF soldiers, to whom we were able to feed a full hot meal. Three short years later, because of that relationship, we have been able to place several library containers on military installations across Israel. These are evangelistic tools because they contain both Old and New Testament Bibles, and are airconditioned units the soldiers can escape to, to read a book or God's Word. Could these be some of the 144,000 that the book of Revelation speaks of?"

Jim Vineyard convincing lied to many Jews, claiming that he has no intention of trying to convert Jews.

Yedidim's newest project
"The Yedidim of Israel is presently working to start and run a home away from home for Israeli soldiers in honor and memory of Leeran Sahadia who was killed on the first day of fighting in July of 2006."

As far as xian friends of Israel go this is the rule not the exception. We need to protect our soldiers and all Am Yisrael.



This is what happens when we break down the walls, build bridges and dialogue with the nations

Are missionaries targeting the elderly?

A Holocaust survivor who was suffering from dementia was deceived by those hired to help her, family members said, because they claimed they converted her to their Messianic Christian religion.

The two women who were hired to play music and speak with 94-year-old Sara told her daughter Goldie Maxwell weeks after Sara died that they were both Messianic Jews, that they had played and sung songs from the New Testament when Maxwell and her husband were not around, and that at the end of her life, Sara had a revelation and acknowledged Jesus as the messiah. (more of the article)


Serving in the IDF, 'for the sake of God and Jesus'

Jesus supports the IDF and he wants his believers to be the best soldiers they can be.

That was the message conveyed by members of the local Messianic Jewish community via sacred texts, prayer and talks, to a group of 18-year-olds who took part this week in a premilitary program called Netsor.

"I am a soldier of God," said Boris, an intense redhead accepted to an elite combat unit, who is one of the 28 young men and women who participated in Netsor.

"I will do my best during my service in the IDF to serve God spiritually and physically. Not for the sake of state authorities but for the sake of God and Jesus," added Boris, as we sat in the dining room of a guest house that overlooks Lake Kinneret on Wednesday. (more of the article)

Of course it isn't the government leaders and rabbis like Benny Elon, Shlomo Riskin, and Yechiel Eckstein who are raking in the money from their work with xians, who suffer. The xians prey on the weak and emotionally vulnerable holocaust survivors, new immigrants, poor, orphans and widows.

For those of you who think "but the xians love us and support us politically", consider the following comments from the article above

Other verses, such as the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, 5-7), which some Christians interpret as Jesus's support for pacifism, are seen by Messianic Jews
as an obligation to love one's enemies while fighting and killing them.

"I hate what Palestinian terrorists do, therefore I will do anything, including kill, if necessary, to stop them," said Tzvi, an educator and counselor at Netsor. "But I do not allow that to prevent me from loving them as human beings."


Parshat Pinchas

Here is an excellent shiur by Rabbi Sitorsky on Parshat Pinchas. He speaks about the separation between Am Yisrael and the nations.



As far as I can tell the only thing of significance that came out the tour is the following video/infomercial for the Two-House movement. According to Don Esposito, the most important thing for Bnai Ephraim right now is PR. They have to convince "the Jews" that they aren't xians who worship a false god but are really our long lost brothers(and sisters)who want to come home. This is the deception they hope to lure us into which will allow them to take our physical and spiritual inheritance. Sagiv Assulin is their "man on the inside". Assulin and Esposito are a grave danger to the Jewish people and must be stopped. The Ephraimite goal, along with the messianics, xian zionists, evangelicals and missionaries, is to break down the wall of separation between the world and the Jewish people so there will no longer be a Jewish people but a Judeo-xian humanity.


Who is Don Esposito?

Esposito is bringing a group of Ephraimites to Israel on Wednesday May 27, 2009 which will include a "Welcome Home Ephraim" ceremony. He has taken Joel Bell's place as the Ephraimite leader in Israel, from what I can tell. He is working hand in hand with Sagiv Assulin. Ephraim and Judah together again. I am not sure what happened with Joel other than the tidbit on him being involved with a project with the government of Israel and the King of Nigeria. The following quotes give some insight into what kind of person Esposito is

Esposito on Rabbi Akiva and "Rabbinic Judaism"

.....This is when a man called Akiva (or Akiba) came on the scene and set up what is today modern Rabbinic Judaism. In modern Judaism the oral writings of the rabbis are much more important than even the torah and most of these writings come from Akiva. The Talmud is filled with stories of how great Akiva was. There are stories of every great man of the bible praising Akiva, even such great men as Abraham and Moses and even Adam in the garden of Eden talked about how great Akiva was. Clearly these are fairy tales and made up by Akiva himself.

Akiva made the rabbis into gods and gave all authority not only in earth but heaven also to the rabbis. Akiva was also the one who wrote that Yahweh is merely one of 70 rabbis and must submit to the will of the rabbis.

Akiva was also the one who named Simon Bar Kochba as the Messiah in 132 CE. Akiva saw that many Jews were accepting Yahshua as the promised Messiah and knew he had to do something to stop the movement, so he named Bar Kochba as the messiah, well knowing that believers of Yahshua could not fight in a holy war for a false messiah. The punishment for not fighting against the Romans was imprisonment, confiscation of property and also death.

Akiva set up a 4-man tribunal against believers with himself at the head, and sentenced many of our Jewish brothers and sisters to death. This is why by the second half of the second century CE, there were very few Jewish believers left in society. Akiva also wrote evil lies about Yahshua and called him everything from a warlock to a bastard, to a liar. All this is written in the Talmud.

In modern Judaism, Akiva is acclaimed as the greatest rabbi of all time and is worshipped by his rabbinic followers. No wonder there is so much hatred for Yahshua among orthodox followers today. I am sorry to say that modern rabbinic Judaism is a false second century religion made up by an evil man named Akiva.
There are many books such as Dan Gruber’s Rabbi Akiva’s Messiah that can easily confirm these facts as accurate, but the best source to verify these things is to go to the Talmud and the Mishnah themselves and see the evil lies that are said about our King Messiah Yahshua the Son of Yahweh.

This article is not to attack rabbinic Judaism but to show that the origins of it are not scriptural. Certainly when you read the oral law a child can see that it does not go back to Moses but is filled with inaccuracies and fairy tales. In a time when many believers are coming out of paganized Christianity and are naively thinking that rabbinic Judaism is the ancient religion of the bible, the truth must come out.

Even worse, we know of some that are even converting to rabbinic Judaism to be able to stay in the land of Israel. The whole problem of why Yahshua had so many problems with the Pharisees was that of authority. Yahshua claimed full authority from heaven: “Mat. 28:18 And coming up Yahshua talked with them, saying, All authority in heaven and on earth was given to me.”

Quotes from his Doctrinal Statement

We believe Yahweh to be a family name consisting of Yah, Yahweh the Father, and Yahshua Yahweh his Son. We believe them to be two separate beings, but are one in thought, mind, and love by the Holy Spirit. Gen 1:26, and Gen 19:24, shows this duality of beings. Deut 6:4, also states "Yahweh Elohim, Yahweh Echad" (united, supreme). This word echad in the Hebrew shows a duality of Yahweh. We believe that Yahweh the Father is greater than Yahshua the Son, (Jn 5:30, Matt 19:7) in both power and Authority, but commands us to honor Yahshua as we honor him (Jn 5:23).

We believe Yahshua to be the Messenger of Yahweh in the Tanach (Old Testament) Is 42:1, Ex 3:2, Gen 18:1-33 Ps 110 1:7 Ps 45:1-8, Ps 2:1-7, and also the very Son of Yahweh (Pr 30:4). The Hebrew word "Malak" which is translated into English in most cases as Angel, literally means Messenger. Even men are referred to as Malaks (2 Sam 11:19). Yahshua was the Malak or Messenger of Yahweh, but is not an Angel (Heb 1:5,13) but is also Elohim (Jn 1:1-13).

If this isn't idolatry then I don't know what is.

Only by accepting the blood of Yahshua to pay our death penalty can we be saved.

We believe and observe Yahweh's Sabbath day, as honoring Yahweh and Yahshua as creators of the universe, and believe it to be a sign of Him and His children (Ex 31:12-19). We also honor His Holy appointments with us in Leviticus the 23rd chapter, as they show His redemptive work He is doing with mankind through the blood of His Son.

and this guy claims he is not a xian

A true believer will be a slave to Yahshua, and will share his salvation with others (2 Cor 5:14-21).

So much for non-proselytizing.

We believe that Yahshua is returning to earth for a literal 1000 year reign, and His kingdom will continue forever. We believe those faithful, will be resurrected from the dead, and will reign with Him as Kings and Priests on the earth (Rev 5:10). The wicked will receive eternal damnation. At His return, He will also unite both The House of Judah and the House of Joseph into one (Ezek 37). We believe that the Father is still working with the Nation of Israel, and as believers should be focusing on calling back the lost sheep of the House of Israel. When someone of the Nations comes to faith in Yahshua and is immersed in water he also becomes part of the seed of Abraham and an heir of the Kingdom.

In other words once you become a xian you are part of the "nation of Israel" and inherit the land of Israel which was promised to Avraham.

This is the ultimate replacement theology. Instead of the church replacing Israel, they are Israel or aleast 10/12ths of it.


Words to live by


"The way to a healthy body and mind is to talk less and eat less."



Sagiv Assulin and the Ephraimites

Don Esposito is a former Roman Catholic now Ephraimite. He lives in Israel with his wife Petra and runs a bible studies school on Kibbutz Ginosar called Hayachad.

Our curriculum is made up of classes such as The Covenants of Israel, Messianic Apologetics, Early Christianity, becoming the complete believer, functional thinking, Leadership and all from a Hebraic mindset.

At Hayahad, Biblical archeology is the cornerstone to proving to the skeptic the truth of scripture. We have had some of the top archeologists in Israel such as Avner Goren, Gaby Barkai, Danny Herman as lecturers at our school. Our students will also be blessed to see first hand ancient pottery, glass and other pieces of antiquity and to visit the ancient sites of actual digs.

Our goal at Hayahad is not only to teach our students to understand the scriptures but how to truly live by them. We are committed to get our students away from thinking from a western Greek mindset and thinking like an ancient Israelite. To this end we will have seminars on Aramaic origins of the New Testament, so students can start to understand the NT in its native aramaic tongue. We will be focusing on teaching men how to be leaders in their communities and women on how to be modest holy women, like Sarah of old. So many people will spend years of their life going to worldly learning institutions to learn secular skills that most will not even be used in the Kingdom age, don’t you think it is worth this short time to learn skills that you will take into our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom?

Esposito has teamed up with Sagiv Assulin and other Knesset members to form the B'nai Ephraim program.

Excerpt from May newsletter

Our dear friend and guest speaker Sagiv Assulin, who will be a member of the newly forming Israeli government spoke in Houston about the B’Nai Ephraim program that we will be starting in Israel.

Due to time restraints, Joel Bell will not be able to be an active part of the program and I have been chosen by the Israeli leadership to be the head sponsor of the program. Joel is going to be working on a big project that the Israeli government will be performing with Africa and actually hosted the King of Nigeria a few weeks back. Joel will be an advisor to me and I greatly appreciate his friendship and effort that he has put out to open the doors that Yahweh is using for us to walk through.

We have posted on our website the objectives for the B’Nai Ephraim program and also the subsidiary program that we will work through called “Partnering with Israel”. This will be the first test of B’Nai Ephraim to show our brother Judah our worth for building up Zion and will consist of helping with humanitarian needs that are most pressing in Israel and also that will help Yahweh’s elect there.

We are also working on setting up some exchange programs for some of you to come and volunteer in the land. I will personally be working with Sagiv Assulin and other Knesset members that will be named to working on this venture.

They are bringing a tour of Ephraimites for Shavuot and will have an official welcome home Ephraim ceremony.

We are living in these exciting days. Things are starting to develop for the right conditions for Yahweh to start this great re-gathering. In con-junction with the ending of Israel’s captivity and the preparation for their homecoming, we are sponsoring a gigantic Homecoming celebration this next Shavuot 09.

We will have an official homecoming welcome from a government official who will speak to the returning pilgrims and welcome them here. We will also have a march of all the returning pilgrims in the very first land that the 12 tribes originally entered in the Golan Heights region. We plan on having banners from all 12 tribes to participate in this march for a united Israel.

A few things you should know about the B'nai Ephraim program

"Statement of Purpose: To help educate believers in Yahshua to the requirements that it will take to come to the Land of Israel with the purpose of building up the Nation of Israel with our brother Judah."

"....Its sole purpose is to work toward recognizing the tribes of Israel and for preparing and securing the promised land of Israel."

That is preparing and securing the promised land for "their" return.

Don Esposito along with Joel Bell and other Ephraimites have given donations to Sagiv Assulin because they believe he will use his political position to pass legislation to allow for "Ephraimite" aliyah.

"I want to personally thank each and every person that donated and actively took a part in helping to bring into power people who believe in the Torah and want to keep Israel united and want to help to start to bring Ephraim home. I can’t tell you how much Segiv and Joel Bell and some of the others appreciated our efforts, and if someone still would like to donate in the next 2 weeks as there is a fairly large deficit still to make up, you can by either going to www.sagivassulin.com or by sending us a check and telling us it is for the campaign.
These people are not affiliated with the Orthodox, but do fully believe in the Torah and the promises of Yahweh to the nation of Israel."



Enough is Enough

Why do Jews insist on making alliances with xians? It is the new fad. You have government leaders tripping over each other to get the attention of American xians in particular. It is disgusting. Why are they doing this other than the obvious reason of being Erev Rav and wanting to destroy the Jewish people and Judaism by mixing it with xianity? It's all about the money, da dum dum ditty dum dum.

The International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation is having its 2009 Gala celebration.

The International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF) is pleased to annouce the 2009 Gala in celebration of Israel's independence on May 3rd and 4th in Washington, DC at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Hear from the new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, IIACF President Benny Elon along with world leaders from the Christian and Jewish communities for this historic opportunity!

The 2-day conference includes:

A Gala Dinner and Reception with invited speakers, the Chairmen of the Israel Allies Caucus worldwide including memebers of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and IIACF President Benny Elon.

Briefings for Christian pastors and ministry leaders by Israeli Embassy officials and policy experts.

A symposium on the controverisal United Nations Relief and Works Agency issue and its role in Middle East peace & stability.

A closing "Call to Prayer" and worship event for Christian leaders.

This historic event offers Christian and Jewish leaders the opportunity to interact with international parliamentarians on key issues related to the right of Israel to exist in peace within secure borders. Your voice is essential to provide a Biblical perspective on support for Israel. Confirm your attendance today and add your voice to an internationally unified chorus of support for the people and land of Israel!

There is letter to attendees on the website by Benny Elon in which he states

As Christians and Jews we face a shared destiny in the status of peace in the Middle East.

Christians and Jews have no shared destiny in anything.

This day's need is for Christians and Jews to link arms in the support of Israel and to offer parlimentarians and policy-makers new and real solutions. I call upon you to join an international movement to promote Judeo-Christian values and defend the territorial integrity of the Land of Israel.

There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. What is referred to as Judeo-Christian values are actually Jewish values that Christians stole and claim as their own, but are willing to share the credit. The fact that so-called religious Jews take Torah ideals and give xians (partial) credit for them is appalling. What is even more unbelievable is that these same Jews use the Torah for a basis to make friendships and alliances with idolators. Israel is not their homeland and they should have no say whatsoever in what happens here. They have no business being briefed and courted by goverment leaders. Very soon, our so-called xian friends will be our worst enemies and because of how some Jews have invited them into our home they will be able to hurt us even more.


The new assimilation

For thousands of years, when we were in galut, the gentiles tried to destroy the Jewish people by death and assimilation. They failed. They didn't destroy us, they only caused the opposite to happen. HaShem drew us out of the nations and brought us back to our own land so we could be a separate, distinct, and holy people, who would eventually be an example to the rest of the world. When this began to happen the world had to change tactics. "If you can't beat them, join them." They want to join us so they can corrupt and destroy Judaism and Israel from the inside. That is why so many of them want to be Jews in some form or another now. That is why many movements and new religions (mixture of xianity and Judiasm) have come about. That is why so many of them are obsessed with Israel. They don't want to let us "go out". The situation of the holocaust, the nations of the world "allowing" the State of Israel to be born and their continued evil plans to destroy us mirror our calling out to HaShem from Mitzrayim, Paroah "allowing" us to leave and then changing his mind and following after us to destroy us. The only thing that is yet to happen is our enemies destruction and our rejoicing.



We live in a world where the lines between Jew and non-Jew have not just been blurred but completely destroyed.

We live in a world where the person praying next to you in shul or at the kotel could just as easily be a xian rather than a Jew.

We live in a world where Judaism has been mixed with idolatry to form a new religion called Judeo-xianity.

We live in a world where Orthodox Jews call xians brother.

We live in a world where a Jew can believe yeshu is G-d and still call himself an Orthodox Rabbi.

We live in a world where the goyim want our inheritance and are getting help from Jews to take it from us.

But this must come to an end. Either we stop it or Ha Kodosh Baruch Hu will. We still have free choice but HaShem will only let his name and his holy mountain be desecrated for so long.




If you are unfamiliar with Joel Bell and the Worldwide Biblical Zionists(Ephraimites) please read Ephraimites Form Alliance with Likud and Introduction to Ephraimite Theology.

The main goal of Ephraimites is to settle in Israel, particularly in Yehuda and Shomron as they believe this is their biblical inheritance and neccessary for the return of yashke. Most Ephraimites downplay their belief in yashke and the new testament (at this time) because it is perceived as a stumbling block to their main goal. They will, however, tell a Jew all about their "messiah" if asked. Many Jews do not see Ephraimites as a threat because of this. Ephraimites believe they must "come home" to Israel en mass (what they call the Great Exodus). Imagine millions of xians becoming Israeli citizens and making aliyah. Members within the Likud party are helping them with this goal. Once they are here, they will start the "missionizing" because they believe that for yashke to come back all of us Jews have to accept him as the awaited messiah and unite with the Ephraimites as one people.

Since my last post there have been alot of changes for WBZ. There was a falling out between Joel Bell and Eddie Chumney. He claims that Joel Bell is a manipulator and a liar who used his connections in the Ephraimite movement to make money. You can read more in his statement WHY EDDIE CHUMNEY DOES NOT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE BIBLICAL ZIONISTS HEADED BY JOEL BELL.

After this falling out, Bell opened a new website. According to the WBZ mission statement

"We actively develop opportunities through partnership for your participation here in Israel. Investments, jobs, housing, education, military training, community service, and tools you'll need to make Israel your home."
"We will replace all the blood-thirsty terrorist organizations that work day and night for the destruction of Israel murdering Jewish men, women and children, stealing land and illegally building throughout Israel."

WBZ was created as an organization to help xians get a foothold in the land of Israel by providing

Investment opportunities

"We work together with the Jewish people to match you with the businesses and opportunities for partnership. We will help you with the tools you need to be successful here in the land.We are your BASE here in Israel to serve you and to assist you in building your future where the Messiah will return. Our relationship with Jewish leaders gives us the unique opportunity to invest in lands and projects that most know nothing about."

University programs

"When you build your future in Zion, there are a variety of classes designed for you as a Believer to learn and travel throughout the Holy Land"

Volunteer opportunities

2 Month camp in the GolanHeights Work with the children who have been traumatized by rockets in the north. Come and comfort and show the children of Israel the love that they need."

The Pre-Military Academy

"This program is being established for Biblical Zionists to come to Israel and experience a 1 year training course with experienced IDF military teachers. The classes are designed to teach you the basics and discipline. Classes will be taught in English. Attend the courses that will teach you miliatary commands, strategic initiative, anti-terrorist tactics, and more."
"Students will dedicate time to learning Hebrew and studying Torah. The program which is still under development, will enable pre military training in the classroom and in the field."

In the video "Biblical Zionist Discussion", Joel Bell tells prospective students that attending this academy could lead to serving in the IDF which could then lead to Israeli citizenship.

Their slogan is

Invest with eternal rewards
Discover your birthright
Find your inheritance

In December 2008, Haaretz did an article on the academy, US Evangelicals fund Druze Academy. It is interesting that the article spins it as xians giving charity to Druze, with no mention of the xians using the academy to train xians for the IDF.

Joel Bell and his WBZ have recently become great friends of the Druze community. One participant in the WBZ inaugural tour wrote that a Druze leader told him "When you come into the land, remember us." I read this as saying when you take over the land remember that we are your allies not your enemies, but I could be wrong.

Bell also runs tours of Israel for Ephraimites. He takes them to Yehuda and Shomron to "show them their biblical inheritance".

The next tour is going to be over Pessach and guess what is on the itinerary

"Enjoy the most biblical Passover ever with your brother Judah in a beautiful synagogue in Jerusalem with local families."

Unfortunately I do not know what synagogue will be hosting this seder or even if it is Jewish. It could be messianic.

The WBZ is building a 3000 square meter, 3 level center to be their base of operations. I have heard that it will be north of Jerusalem in Anatot but I haven't been able to confirm that. The center will host lectures on Ephraimite theology, offices for lawyers to fight for Ephraimite rights in Israel, offices for realtors to help them purchase land, and a hall to host xian versions of Jewish smachot.

"The Strategic Center is designed to enhance the development of our Biblical inheritance. The center will be built close to Jerusalem and we will work directly with the people of Israel and the Government."
"The WBZ Center will become an official representation of the whole house of Israel....."

May HaShem thwart their evil plans.



This is the "one new man" symbol and this is what it represents...

"The One New Man teaching is not a doctrine that teaches two different ways of salvation -one for the Jews, one for the Gentiles. We must ALL come the same way - through the blood of Jesus Christ and faith in Christ Crucified. There is no other name whereby men, be them Jew OR Gentile, must be saved except that of CHRIST. The one new man is CHRIST to whom both Jew and Gentile find reconciliation and unity through His blood."

"The tenets of the Law of Moses were to point us to CHRIST, the one to whom ALL prophecy and Law fulfills. Christ came to give us a better covenant than Judaism! HE IS THE COVENANT! Our faith must be in HIM! We say this because there has been a lot of recent preaching/teaching that says the Jews have a special way they must be saved. That is unscriptural and false. The One New Man teaching is to point us to reconciliation in CHRIST, not give a sense that Gentiles must become Jews and Jews must become Gentiles to find favor with God. GOD FORBID. The Body of Christ is made up of two parts - Jew and Gentile. The Jewish Root of salvation is CHRIST, the one whom the Gentiles were grafted in as a result of Israel's unbelief. We as Gentiles must never be high minded but FEAR lest we be cast off as well because of the same unbelief Israel had in Messiah so long ago. If we don't believe, our fate will be the same as them! That's the message of Romans 9-11 and really the foundation of the One New Man teaching. "

So why are religious Jews selling this symbol on neclaces and earrings in jewelry stores all over the center of Yerushalayim? You may think they don't know what it is but they do. I asked.


I was very busy with other more important projects and was not able to post for awhile but I hope to be posting more regularly in the future.