Idolatry in the Holy Land

This is a video of "messianics" (xtians who want to be Jews) on their recent trip to Israel. I actually passed by them outside Yaffa Gate on a Friday afternoon when they were filming this. They were yelling out "free israeli dance classes" to all those passing by.

They are called the Israeli Celebration Dancers (ICD) led by Michael and Marty Gale from Greeley, Colorado.

from their website:

At this time, the vision for the ICD is to build a bridge, using music and dance, joining the Christian church and the Jewish people together in praise. In
this way, the Christian church can join in the revival and learn that it is
possible to be so in love with God that you just have to dance wildly around the
room! From this bridge, the Jews may come to see that their Messiah, who is to come, has already come! Then we can all dance together in the Kingdom of Yeshua
the Messiah

This dancing is almost exclusive to the "messianic" movement. It is called "Davidic dance and worship". It is also referred to as spiritual warfare.

Here are some quotes from many different davidic dance websites:

Through the ages, dance has been lost as an acceptable form of worship before the Lord. However, when we look back at the Bible, we see that it was commanded by Him in the Psalms. Besides being commanded by G-d, dances provide a framework for community participation in worship. Jewish dance covers a wide spectrum from ancient tradition to modern expression as a form of worship.

We dance to worship and praise...............and to submit to the Kingship of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah).
Hebraic Dance is not meant to be entertainment for those participating or watching. We try to use the time, whether dancing or not, to enter into a state of mind appropriate for worship.

The Northern Messianic Dancers are worshippers who have a desire to open to others the Biblical joy of dance.
Our company is a mixed group of Jews and Gentiles, who have a passion to see the body of Mashiach released into dance. The stirring up of the vision of "The one new man" Eph 2 will release an end time pouring out of His glory and power. We teach and dance that worship of Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Yeshua/Jesus) will provide an atmosphere in which HE will be pleased to dwell.

We travel the country and often abroad, to such places as the Ukraine and Israel, and have had many blessed times meeting new friends and sharing our faith with others likeminded and also with those who have never experienced the new life to be found in the Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the Gentiles, Yahshua Ha'Machiach (Messiah, the anointed one). We long to see the coming together of Jew and Gentile in one body, praising our King, with 'banners raised high' in honour and worship

They have worshipped their false god all over Israel, while Jews stood by and watched.


  1. Every Jew who stood by and watched participated in an idolatrous ritual. What a chillul HaShem! May G-d have mercy on us.

  2. What were the Chabadniks thinking dancing with Notzrim and singing 'moshiach, moshiach'? Don't they realize that they're talking about a completely different moshiach.

    Its so easy to get sucked in. For a second, I thought that this was just another group of well-wishers and not deceptive soul-stealing Xians.

  3. They've definitely pulled a fast one on us. Soldiers at the Old City, Chabadnikim, residents of Tapuach, even Yishai Fleischer... everyone appears "joining in". Didn't anyone realize what this was all about?
    We have got to wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. I am sure the chabad guys assumed they were Jews (they were wearing kippot).

  5. Some of the people in the video didn't know these were xtians and others did (because I, along with a few others, informed them months ago). This is not the first time this group has visited. They come about every two years.