This is a time of birur. A time to separate the pure from the impure not a time to mix good and evil especially in a political party in Israel.

Avi Lipkin (aka Victor Mordecai) launched or attempted to lauch(not clear yet) a new political party. This political party is being described as a Judeo-Christian Western Civilization and Democracy political party. Just what we need. According to his website, the intent was to register this party by June 2007. I don't know if it was registered or not but he is listed as a speaker for a 2009 xian conference with the addendum "unless he is elected to the Israeli Knesset". Here is what he has to say about his party principles (in 2005)

Dear Jewish and Christian friends and supporters,

For eight years now, I have been writing and speaking worldwide about the need for and the inevitability of the creation of a Judeo-Christian Western Civilization and Democracy political party to run for the Knesset. The odd number candidates (1,3,5, etc) would be 50% Jewish candidates and the even number candidates (2,4,6, etc.) would be 50% Christian candidates. This would be the first time in Israel's history that Bible believing Christian Israeli citizens of the Jewish State would be given a voice in Israel's Knesset alongside their Jewish partners.

The first three hurdles to be overcome are: the submission of party principles (which have just been approved), the signing up of 100 founders (Israeli citizens) and payment of the Knesset registration fee of NIS70,000 or about $16,000.

The first hurdle to be overcome is the submission of party principles to our lawyer team. Here are the finalized principles approved by our lawyers:

1. The Gush Hatanakhi/Bible Block Party bases its principles on the ethics and teachings of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and faith in the coming of the Messiah who is a Jew from Israel who speaks Hebrew.

2. The Gush Hatanakhi Party stands for the integrity of the Land of Israel as the Jewish State based on the promises of the Bible. The Gush Hatanakhi Party opposes any further withdrawals after the tragedy of the withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria.

3. The Gush Hatanakhi Party stands for the defense of all those who believe in the Bible and opposes the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from the entire Land of Israel. This includes the ethnic cleansings of Christians from Arabic speaking areas and Jews from Gaza, Judea, Samaria and the Golan.

4. The Gush Hatanakhi Party understands the threat facing Israel and the civilized world from Islamo-Fascist terrorism and will work to unite all enlightened forces in Israel and globally to defeat Islamo-Fascism. A Bible Block International repres-enting all Judeo-Christian Western Civilization and Democracy political parties will be established in Jerusalem for this purpose.

5. The Gush Hatanakhi Party will endeavor to strengthen Israel by creating a real public relations agenda providing speakers, both Jewish and Christian to mobilize support for the State of Israel and for the defense of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization and Democracy.

6. The Gush Hatanakhi Party will endeavor to strengthen Israel by attracting investors from all over the world, especially Jews and Christians, to invest in Israel and expand Israel's truncated economic infrastructure something which frustrates immigration and encourages emigration.

7. The Gush Hatanakhi Party views the exodus or "yerida" of over 3 million Jews from Israel over the last 57 years as a national tragedy that must and can be corrected. An improved and expanded economic infrastructure will serve this purpose.

8. The Gush Hatanakhi Party will endeavor to thwart Islamo-Fascism plans for the shedding of blood of Jews and Christians in the Diaspora by Islamic terrorism, and hopes to create ways and means of absorbing victims of such terrorism as new immigrants into Israel as a solution for Jews and Christians who will flee to Israel during these trying times.

Now that our team of lawyers has approved these principles, the second hurdle to be overcome is the registration of 100 Israeli citizens as founders of the party.

Then the third hurdle is raising the funds necessary to pay the Knesset Election Committee's fee for registering a new party. But you may now already begin to support us by mailing your checks to Advocate Calev Myers. I have pledged and remain committed to my promise that this party be submitted to the Knesset Elections Committee by December 31st, 2005.

Notice that the advocate is the messianic lawyer Calev Myers.

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  1. This is a fantastic initiative!
    You see, we already have a number of Arabs in the Knesset, and since we can't get rid of them because we are not racist, we'll prove we are not racist by inviting the Christians to join the party (double meaning intended).
    The more the merrier, and the merrier the more confused...

    There is however a condition :

    Since both Jews and Arabs are circumcized (although not exactly for the same reason), the condition set for Xtians in order to enter the Knesset is (contrary to what Paul said) to be circumcized.
    If they really want to get in, the'll readily accept this condition (Shimon and Levi told me so).

    You think I'm jocking? You may be wrong...