I wish I had more time to deal with this issue but I don't so I am just posting here the information I have received and you can be the judge.
The following was in an email on recommended voting list from Moshe Feiglin for Likud Primaries.

General List
Moshe Feiglin (151)
Sagiv Asulin (106) Young Leadership slot

Well there is something the Israeli public should know about Sagiv Assulin.
The following is an excerpt of an email sent by xians requesting contributions for Sagiv Assulin.

.....leaders with integrity in the Likud and other coalition parties that are beginning to understand who Ephraim is and are willing to work toward bringing Ephraim home! Seeing this with our own eyes was astonishing and exciting. Specifically, on November 16 at the World Wide Biblical Zionists inauguration ceremony, some top Likud party members attended and addressed the approximately 300 attendees.
Those speaking to us were Ayoob Kara, Ullie Edelstein, Gideon Saar, and Sagiv Assulin. Gideon Saar is head of the committee under Benjamin Netanyahu to form the coalition of the next government when the Likud party takes control in February 2009. Ayoob Kara is the Project Operations Manager for WBZ and now a key partner in Ephraim's coming home. Ben and I were honored to personally meet Ayoob and other Druze leaders.
We were excited and honored to hear the first three men address us/Ephraim as allies and partners in helping Judah and the Land of Israel. The final and key speaker was Sagiv Assulin, Likud member currently running for position in the Knesset. We were astonished as he spoke from his heart calling us brothers and sisters and read from his Scriptures Ezekiel 37 about the sticks coming together! The crowd responded with a standing ovation. This summer Sagiv toured numerous states in the U.S. where he was introduced to Ephraim.

He is Vice President of WBZ and an attorney. As an attorney and Likud leader he is well positioned to represent us, Ephraim.

Support Sagiv Assulin by donating to his campaign. Donations must be received before December 8th. I believe Sagiv has been chosen for such a time as this to support Ephraim's return to the Land! He is asking Ephraim to support him through prayers and donations.

Sagiv says, "My heart is to see Judah and Ephraim join here in the land and see the hand of HaShem do great and mighty things." This is our opportunity to support and encourage Sagiv Assulin to open the door through Knesset leadership and legislation for Ephraim to come home. Any amount donated helps.

Here is Sagiv's speech at the Worldwide Biblical Zionist inauguration.

In case some of you missed my posts on Ephraimites and the WBZ, the main point is they are xians who want to "make aliyah and claim their tribal inheritance".



  1. thank u so much this is what we need send this to shmuel sackett but first to rob muchnick he is a person who is behind the purifying out the christian elements in likud thank u!! send this around moshe feiglin is great but we need to make sure sagiv asulin is known for the bald head grey observances be careful of him

  2. the video link doesnt work thank g-d for the internet

  3. Link should be working now. This information was sent to Rob Muchnik a week ago. He said he would look into it.

  4. I think it is great time to talk about Jewish IDENTITY and define that, away from the "religious" issue which causes a terrible rift in our people.
    The platitude that "all men are created in God's image" is propagated in both religious and secular circles and it serves assimilation!
    Why not invite Assulin (or for that matter anyone else) to a public debate on Jewish identity, and restore our NATIONAL PRIDE?

  5. OK, let's assume you're right and not vote for the Likud. The evangelicals will have zero resistance from within and tons of money to shmeer those that remain and enlist new members.

    We will be locked out, all of us, religious, not so, secular Israelis splitting up between the usual parties on the right.

    Been there, done that. Haven't sixty years of coalition compromising and coalition lockouts left any impression on you? You want this to go on another 60 years?

    The Likud needs good, true Jewish Israelis who understand and overall agree with what's written in the Likud's own as-yet unchanged original charter.

    Only by working from within with the Likud's existing Loyalists and the efforts of Manhigut Yehudit, will we ever be able to mend the party, by outvoting those that work against a Jewish Israel, be they supporters of Christian attempts to infiltrate the country or supporters of such other catastrophes such as a 2 state solution.

    If we want to start dictating terms and conditions, we need to be in the driver's seat. Toss out the hijackers and let's get back on the road.