Friends of Israel

Pastor Jim (James) Vineyard has been praised by many in Israel as a true and loyal friend of Israel. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Vineyard runs an organization named "Yedidim of Israel". On April 26-28 of this year Yedidim of Israel held their national conference. The following is an ad for that conference

As a Christian, what is your responsibility to God's chosen people?

Join us for three days of study on Israel and find out what you can do to get involved in evangelizing the Jew.

All pastors in attendance will receive valuable resources, books, and other materials at no charge. The first 10 pastors to register will receive complimentary hotel accommodations for the evening of Monday, April 27, 2009. Please call the church office and we will make your reservations.

Conference registration is free.

Besides the frightening imagery, the brochure tells the following account of how friendship leads to evangelizing

"Part of the 144,000?
While in Israel, Brother Vineyard met Guy Markizano an IDF artillery commander. This opened a huge door to several battalions of IDF soldiers, to whom we were able to feed a full hot meal. Three short years later, because of that relationship, we have been able to place several library containers on military installations across Israel. These are evangelistic tools because they contain both Old and New Testament Bibles, and are airconditioned units the soldiers can escape to, to read a book or God's Word. Could these be some of the 144,000 that the book of Revelation speaks of?"

Jim Vineyard convincing lied to many Jews, claiming that he has no intention of trying to convert Jews.

Yedidim's newest project
"The Yedidim of Israel is presently working to start and run a home away from home for Israeli soldiers in honor and memory of Leeran Sahadia who was killed on the first day of fighting in July of 2006."

As far as xian friends of Israel go this is the rule not the exception. We need to protect our soldiers and all Am Yisrael.

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