There are rabbis among Am Yisrael that believe we should take a "McDonalds" approach to "converting" the goyim. These "rabbis" say we have a mission to be a "light to the nations" and we are following in the footsteps of our father Avraham when we act like "missionaries" and go out to the goyim to forcefeed them Torah. These rabbis want to twist the Torah and even throw out halachah to make it more palatable to the goyim. Well I have three words for them "quality over quantity"!

Bereishis 17:3 Abram fell on his face: Abraham's life goal was to bring all the nations to faith in the Living God. As is known, he would attract passersby by offering them drinks, and then some would heed his call to convert. But when he heard the new condition for conversion, namely circumcision, he was seized with trembling, for henceforth his goal would be beyond reach. What fool would listen to him to undergo an operation on his own flesh? Abraham fell on his face in great anguish, like a man whose ship had sunk at sea. This is what is behind Chazal's statement (Breishit Rabbah Ch.46), "Before I underwent circumcision they would come and join me, but who will come now that I am circumcised?" God answered him:

Bereishis 17:4 As for me this is my covenant with you. I do not need a lot of "converts," who come to "look for God" among the food and drink, and who are unwilling to shed their blood on the altar of faith. It is sufficient for Me that you keep My covenant. I am content to have one believer like you, who goes through fire and water to sanctify My Name.
(Insights in the Torah/Bereishis, Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin)


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  1. I am very surprised that there have been no comments. As an Observant B'nai Noah I have been very troubled at the seeming lack of discernment among rabbis about the goals of the christians who they are embracing today. As a bat Noah we have found it very difficult to find any rabbis who have been willing to actually 'teach' the 7 Laws of Noah, but a plethora who are reaching out to the idolators instead. This will definitely come back to bite the Jews, because the missionaries have only one goal. To convert Jews to believe in 'their false messiah'.