"No matter which level one is on, the underlying principle of Yiras Shamayim is the same.  It is an awareness that moral relativism is a myth. There are absolute rights, and absolute wrongs, and there are consequences for our actions.

Other religions teach that if you have a loving relationship with their deity or deities then you can buy or confess your way out of even the most serious of sins.  That is not Judaism.  Judaism teaches that you can't buy your way out of sins.  The prophets repeatedly warned the Jews who lived in the Temple era that they could not storm into the Temple Courtyard, offer sacrifices and then return home to a lifestyle that ran counter to Hashem's will. Sacrifices offered by people who live their lives with the same lack of spiritual growth and achievement as the animals they sacrifice are worthless.  Sacrifices are part of a lifestyle.  If the sacrifice fits with everything else that one does, it causes Heavenly satisfaction.  But one cannot say,  "Hashem, look at what I am willing to sacrifice for You.  Please let me get away with A,B, and C."  No matter how loving a relationship you have with Hashem, you must still follow each of His commandments.  

A ye'rei Shamayim knows that since right and wrong are not randomly chosen, they cannot be summarily dismissed.  Hashem's love for us and ours for Him will not make up for a corrupt of careless lifestyle.  Realities remain realities under all circumstances, in all generations, and at all times."
( The Six Constant Mitzvos, Artscroll Series)

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