And if the cloud did not lift up, they would not travel until the day which it would be lifted (Shemot 40:37)

This is praise for Bnei Yisroel who despite having waited some time, would not move unless directed to by Hashem.  Bnei Yisroel understood that Hashem was directing them according to a deeper spiritual plan and that everything was for their own good.  They therefore made no attempt to travel further unless directed by Hashem. (Ramchal on the Parsha, Kisvei Ramad Vali (606)

Sometimes we don’t have all of the information. Sometimes things look hopeless.   It is natural to want to take action to do something, anything to change the situation. It is much harder to trust that Hashem is the one in ultimate control and to wait patiently for his will to be revealed. This is the time that really tests our emunah.

Shabbat Shalom

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