This is the "one new man" symbol and this is what it represents...

"The One New Man teaching is not a doctrine that teaches two different ways of salvation -one for the Jews, one for the Gentiles. We must ALL come the same way - through the blood of Jesus Christ and faith in Christ Crucified. There is no other name whereby men, be them Jew OR Gentile, must be saved except that of CHRIST. The one new man is CHRIST to whom both Jew and Gentile find reconciliation and unity through His blood."

"The tenets of the Law of Moses were to point us to CHRIST, the one to whom ALL prophecy and Law fulfills. Christ came to give us a better covenant than Judaism! HE IS THE COVENANT! Our faith must be in HIM! We say this because there has been a lot of recent preaching/teaching that says the Jews have a special way they must be saved. That is unscriptural and false. The One New Man teaching is to point us to reconciliation in CHRIST, not give a sense that Gentiles must become Jews and Jews must become Gentiles to find favor with God. GOD FORBID. The Body of Christ is made up of two parts - Jew and Gentile. The Jewish Root of salvation is CHRIST, the one whom the Gentiles were grafted in as a result of Israel's unbelief. We as Gentiles must never be high minded but FEAR lest we be cast off as well because of the same unbelief Israel had in Messiah so long ago. If we don't believe, our fate will be the same as them! That's the message of Romans 9-11 and really the foundation of the One New Man teaching. "

So why are religious Jews selling this symbol on neclaces and earrings in jewelry stores all over the center of Yerushalayim? You may think they don't know what it is but they do. I asked.

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