If you are unfamiliar with Joel Bell and the Worldwide Biblical Zionists(Ephraimites) please read Ephraimites Form Alliance with Likud and Introduction to Ephraimite Theology.

The main goal of Ephraimites is to settle in Israel, particularly in Yehuda and Shomron as they believe this is their biblical inheritance and neccessary for the return of yashke. Most Ephraimites downplay their belief in yashke and the new testament (at this time) because it is perceived as a stumbling block to their main goal. They will, however, tell a Jew all about their "messiah" if asked. Many Jews do not see Ephraimites as a threat because of this. Ephraimites believe they must "come home" to Israel en mass (what they call the Great Exodus). Imagine millions of xians becoming Israeli citizens and making aliyah. Members within the Likud party are helping them with this goal. Once they are here, they will start the "missionizing" because they believe that for yashke to come back all of us Jews have to accept him as the awaited messiah and unite with the Ephraimites as one people.

Since my last post there have been alot of changes for WBZ. There was a falling out between Joel Bell and Eddie Chumney. He claims that Joel Bell is a manipulator and a liar who used his connections in the Ephraimite movement to make money. You can read more in his statement WHY EDDIE CHUMNEY DOES NOT SUPPORT WORLDWIDE BIBLICAL ZIONISTS HEADED BY JOEL BELL.

After this falling out, Bell opened a new website. According to the WBZ mission statement

"We actively develop opportunities through partnership for your participation here in Israel. Investments, jobs, housing, education, military training, community service, and tools you'll need to make Israel your home."
"We will replace all the blood-thirsty terrorist organizations that work day and night for the destruction of Israel murdering Jewish men, women and children, stealing land and illegally building throughout Israel."

WBZ was created as an organization to help xians get a foothold in the land of Israel by providing

Investment opportunities

"We work together with the Jewish people to match you with the businesses and opportunities for partnership. We will help you with the tools you need to be successful here in the land.We are your BASE here in Israel to serve you and to assist you in building your future where the Messiah will return. Our relationship with Jewish leaders gives us the unique opportunity to invest in lands and projects that most know nothing about."

University programs

"When you build your future in Zion, there are a variety of classes designed for you as a Believer to learn and travel throughout the Holy Land"

Volunteer opportunities

2 Month camp in the GolanHeights Work with the children who have been traumatized by rockets in the north. Come and comfort and show the children of Israel the love that they need."

The Pre-Military Academy

"This program is being established for Biblical Zionists to come to Israel and experience a 1 year training course with experienced IDF military teachers. The classes are designed to teach you the basics and discipline. Classes will be taught in English. Attend the courses that will teach you miliatary commands, strategic initiative, anti-terrorist tactics, and more."
"Students will dedicate time to learning Hebrew and studying Torah. The program which is still under development, will enable pre military training in the classroom and in the field."

In the video "Biblical Zionist Discussion", Joel Bell tells prospective students that attending this academy could lead to serving in the IDF which could then lead to Israeli citizenship.

Their slogan is

Invest with eternal rewards
Discover your birthright
Find your inheritance

In December 2008, Haaretz did an article on the academy, US Evangelicals fund Druze Academy. It is interesting that the article spins it as xians giving charity to Druze, with no mention of the xians using the academy to train xians for the IDF.

Joel Bell and his WBZ have recently become great friends of the Druze community. One participant in the WBZ inaugural tour wrote that a Druze leader told him "When you come into the land, remember us." I read this as saying when you take over the land remember that we are your allies not your enemies, but I could be wrong.

Bell also runs tours of Israel for Ephraimites. He takes them to Yehuda and Shomron to "show them their biblical inheritance".

The next tour is going to be over Pessach and guess what is on the itinerary

"Enjoy the most biblical Passover ever with your brother Judah in a beautiful synagogue in Jerusalem with local families."

Unfortunately I do not know what synagogue will be hosting this seder or even if it is Jewish. It could be messianic.

The WBZ is building a 3000 square meter, 3 level center to be their base of operations. I have heard that it will be north of Jerusalem in Anatot but I haven't been able to confirm that. The center will host lectures on Ephraimite theology, offices for lawyers to fight for Ephraimite rights in Israel, offices for realtors to help them purchase land, and a hall to host xian versions of Jewish smachot.

"The Strategic Center is designed to enhance the development of our Biblical inheritance. The center will be built close to Jerusalem and we will work directly with the people of Israel and the Government."
"The WBZ Center will become an official representation of the whole house of Israel....."

May HaShem thwart their evil plans.


  1. "May HaShem thwart their evil plans."

    AMEN! geulah girl. Great job you're doing here. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I had the misfortune to work with Joel Bell. It seems to me he is scammer and wannabe TV evangelist, and powerhungry to rub shoulders with Israeli and Global Christian powerbrokers.

    It didn't surprise me to read Eddie's comments about Joel Bell.

  3. I unfortunately made a loan to Joel and Pamela Bell which they reassured me would be paid back plus interest. The loan is presently delinquent and I have found others they have scammed for even more money than I loaned them. Please beware of Joel and Pamela's motives. I feel sure they are not sincere. I agree with previous comment. I would be interested to know if there are others who have fallen prey to their tactics.