As far as I can tell the only thing of significance that came out the tour is the following video/infomercial for the Two-House movement. According to Don Esposito, the most important thing for Bnai Ephraim right now is PR. They have to convince "the Jews" that they aren't xians who worship a false god but are really our long lost brothers(and sisters)who want to come home. This is the deception they hope to lure us into which will allow them to take our physical and spiritual inheritance. Sagiv Assulin is their "man on the inside". Assulin and Esposito are a grave danger to the Jewish people and must be stopped. The Ephraimite goal, along with the messianics, xian zionists, evangelicals and missionaries, is to break down the wall of separation between the world and the Jewish people so there will no longer be a Jewish people but a Judeo-xian humanity.

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