Who is Don Esposito?

Esposito is bringing a group of Ephraimites to Israel on Wednesday May 27, 2009 which will include a "Welcome Home Ephraim" ceremony. He has taken Joel Bell's place as the Ephraimite leader in Israel, from what I can tell. He is working hand in hand with Sagiv Assulin. Ephraim and Judah together again. I am not sure what happened with Joel other than the tidbit on him being involved with a project with the government of Israel and the King of Nigeria. The following quotes give some insight into what kind of person Esposito is

Esposito on Rabbi Akiva and "Rabbinic Judaism"

.....This is when a man called Akiva (or Akiba) came on the scene and set up what is today modern Rabbinic Judaism. In modern Judaism the oral writings of the rabbis are much more important than even the torah and most of these writings come from Akiva. The Talmud is filled with stories of how great Akiva was. There are stories of every great man of the bible praising Akiva, even such great men as Abraham and Moses and even Adam in the garden of Eden talked about how great Akiva was. Clearly these are fairy tales and made up by Akiva himself.

Akiva made the rabbis into gods and gave all authority not only in earth but heaven also to the rabbis. Akiva was also the one who wrote that Yahweh is merely one of 70 rabbis and must submit to the will of the rabbis.

Akiva was also the one who named Simon Bar Kochba as the Messiah in 132 CE. Akiva saw that many Jews were accepting Yahshua as the promised Messiah and knew he had to do something to stop the movement, so he named Bar Kochba as the messiah, well knowing that believers of Yahshua could not fight in a holy war for a false messiah. The punishment for not fighting against the Romans was imprisonment, confiscation of property and also death.

Akiva set up a 4-man tribunal against believers with himself at the head, and sentenced many of our Jewish brothers and sisters to death. This is why by the second half of the second century CE, there were very few Jewish believers left in society. Akiva also wrote evil lies about Yahshua and called him everything from a warlock to a bastard, to a liar. All this is written in the Talmud.

In modern Judaism, Akiva is acclaimed as the greatest rabbi of all time and is worshipped by his rabbinic followers. No wonder there is so much hatred for Yahshua among orthodox followers today. I am sorry to say that modern rabbinic Judaism is a false second century religion made up by an evil man named Akiva.
There are many books such as Dan Gruber’s Rabbi Akiva’s Messiah that can easily confirm these facts as accurate, but the best source to verify these things is to go to the Talmud and the Mishnah themselves and see the evil lies that are said about our King Messiah Yahshua the Son of Yahweh.

This article is not to attack rabbinic Judaism but to show that the origins of it are not scriptural. Certainly when you read the oral law a child can see that it does not go back to Moses but is filled with inaccuracies and fairy tales. In a time when many believers are coming out of paganized Christianity and are naively thinking that rabbinic Judaism is the ancient religion of the bible, the truth must come out.

Even worse, we know of some that are even converting to rabbinic Judaism to be able to stay in the land of Israel. The whole problem of why Yahshua had so many problems with the Pharisees was that of authority. Yahshua claimed full authority from heaven: “Mat. 28:18 And coming up Yahshua talked with them, saying, All authority in heaven and on earth was given to me.”

Quotes from his Doctrinal Statement

We believe Yahweh to be a family name consisting of Yah, Yahweh the Father, and Yahshua Yahweh his Son. We believe them to be two separate beings, but are one in thought, mind, and love by the Holy Spirit. Gen 1:26, and Gen 19:24, shows this duality of beings. Deut 6:4, also states "Yahweh Elohim, Yahweh Echad" (united, supreme). This word echad in the Hebrew shows a duality of Yahweh. We believe that Yahweh the Father is greater than Yahshua the Son, (Jn 5:30, Matt 19:7) in both power and Authority, but commands us to honor Yahshua as we honor him (Jn 5:23).

We believe Yahshua to be the Messenger of Yahweh in the Tanach (Old Testament) Is 42:1, Ex 3:2, Gen 18:1-33 Ps 110 1:7 Ps 45:1-8, Ps 2:1-7, and also the very Son of Yahweh (Pr 30:4). The Hebrew word "Malak" which is translated into English in most cases as Angel, literally means Messenger. Even men are referred to as Malaks (2 Sam 11:19). Yahshua was the Malak or Messenger of Yahweh, but is not an Angel (Heb 1:5,13) but is also Elohim (Jn 1:1-13).

If this isn't idolatry then I don't know what is.

Only by accepting the blood of Yahshua to pay our death penalty can we be saved.

We believe and observe Yahweh's Sabbath day, as honoring Yahweh and Yahshua as creators of the universe, and believe it to be a sign of Him and His children (Ex 31:12-19). We also honor His Holy appointments with us in Leviticus the 23rd chapter, as they show His redemptive work He is doing with mankind through the blood of His Son.

and this guy claims he is not a xian

A true believer will be a slave to Yahshua, and will share his salvation with others (2 Cor 5:14-21).

So much for non-proselytizing.

We believe that Yahshua is returning to earth for a literal 1000 year reign, and His kingdom will continue forever. We believe those faithful, will be resurrected from the dead, and will reign with Him as Kings and Priests on the earth (Rev 5:10). The wicked will receive eternal damnation. At His return, He will also unite both The House of Judah and the House of Joseph into one (Ezek 37). We believe that the Father is still working with the Nation of Israel, and as believers should be focusing on calling back the lost sheep of the House of Israel. When someone of the Nations comes to faith in Yahshua and is immersed in water he also becomes part of the seed of Abraham and an heir of the Kingdom.

In other words once you become a xian you are part of the "nation of Israel" and inherit the land of Israel which was promised to Avraham.

This is the ultimate replacement theology. Instead of the church replacing Israel, they are Israel or aleast 10/12ths of it.


  1. B"H

    How can anyone believe such idotic ideas ?
    I wonder how stupid or ignorant people have to be in order to make such absurd Yeshua claims.

  2. You shouldn't be offering an opinion on this man unless you, also, have done this research and can factually dispute it.

  3. anyone can say or make up what ever they want to make themselfs look good, I have listened to this man for years and can find nothing wrong with his teachin at all.
    Its time we think for our selfs and not listen to this kind of retoric.
    seal team 4

  4. I doubt he suggests replacement at all. What the holy sciptures say, and I believe Mr Esposito means, is that those who are of the scattered seed of Israel, scattered among the nations, the remnant, will hear the true gospel of Yahshua and come into the salvation of His kingdom.And just as there was a "mixed multitude" that went up in the exodus out of Egypt, similarly the seed of Israel which has been "mixed" with the multitude of the gentiles(the called-out assembly ??church) ordained to be grafted into the natural olive tree, when Yahshua arrives, will together with the remnant seed of Yahudah (represented mostly among the very poor and oppressed people, the meek of the earth in many nations), become united in the one house of Jacob. Then the false Jews, who really are of the synagogue of Satan, will be destroyed and made to come and worship at His feet. Shalom.

  5. You are saying how can anyone believe in Yeshua, if they are Bible believers?
    (Well, there is a New Testament, attached to the Old Testament (Torah), in our modern Bibles - I don't think HaShem would have allowed this book to exist in this way for so long, if the latter part were so deceptive and offensive to Him - you should read the WHOLE book sometime, and then decide).

    Of course Judaism refutes Yeshua, no matter how much proof is presented. Messianic believers have embraced the Torah, while including the revelation of the Messiah, Yeshua - who came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. You are still waiting for your Messiah, when all His prophecies have already been fulfilled in Yeshua.

  6. Judaism claims to speak for all twelve tribes of Israel but it can't because there is a conflict of interest.

    Ezekiel 11:15 Son of man, thy brethren, even thy brethren, the men of thy kindred, and all the house of Israel wholly, are they unto whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, Get you far from the LORD: unto us is this land given in possession.

  7. Shalom uvracha! I fully agree with every statement made above. It is the absolute truth, but only understandable with the help of the Ruach HaKodesch and the condition that one belong to one of the lost ten tribes!