I have friends who said not to vote because the system is corrupt and by voting you only perpetuate the corruption.  I have friends who said to vote for a Likud or Bayit Yehudi because this is the only way to keep the left from giving the land away.  I have friends who voted for Yachad because for once their was a feeling of hope for change and not the same status quo. I think that all of them have valid points and I would have agreed with them at different points in time. In the 18 years I have lived in Israel, I have voted Likud, voted Feiglin, voted for smaller idealogical parties and abstained from voting.  I believe, as Shlomo HaMelech wrote, there is a time for everything. Our jobs as Jews to learn Torah and daven to Hashem to give us the basis to decide in every situation what choice to make.  I believe that this world is just a serious of tests to prepare for and earn the world to come. We are partners with Hashem in separating good from bad which will result in Tikkun Olam. Every choice, every decision, every test in this world is part of the separation that will bring redemption. With this in mind, if there is a choice between bad and worse, I would not choose either but if there is a choice between bad and good, I choose the good. Yachad represented good, no matter the spiritual level of the individual members or their faults.

Their first priority of their platform was unity among Jews who respect Hashem and Torah but not with anti-Torah Jews or goyim or our enemies.  As I have learned from Rabbi Kahane, unity can only come around Torah and Hashem.  Their can be no unity without them.  This wasn't just a slogan! There was real potential for unity here as we saw by the many respected Rabbis across the spectrum who supported Yachad.

Their platform declared;
"All aspects of running a modern state can be informed by our Torah. We will operate under the guidance of Torah leaders."

"We firmly oppose laws that violate our eternal Torah principles."

"We hold that all of Yehuda and Shomron must be included in the sovereign State of Israel and will remove barriers to settling the land."

"Yachad will not give up one centimeter of the land of Israel"

"The flow of illegals threatens the safety and wellbeing of the residents of those in those neighborhoods where they have settled"

I didn't expect Yachad to ever sit in the Knesset.  Either the powers that be would cheat them out of votes (the news was full of reports of voter fraud and corruption yesterday) or would find someway to disqualify them like they did Rabbi Kahane.

The main point was to show Hashem and the world that at least a minority of Jews are not happy with the status quo. That we want unity, that we want to observe all of the mitzvot in all of our G-d given land, that we want a Torah government or in other words WE WANT MASHIACH NOW!  And if he will send Mashiach we will follow him.

Thanks to Yachad our voice was heard.

From A7

"Marzel took to Facebook late Tuesday night to address his supporters as the counting of polls was under way and initial results indicated the list had possibly fallen short.
"We will continue will full force!" pledged Marzel. "If we make it in or not, the Knesset is only a means and not a goal! Our goal is the land of Israel and we will continue to defend it in any situation, from within (the Knesset) or without!""
I second Marzel, the Knesset was only a means not a goal.

I just want to add I respect those who chose not to vote.  I believe they chose what was right for them. In the end it was Hashem's will that Yachad not get in. So what is next? to be continued......

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