The new anti-esav blog is up at ESAV EXPOSED.


  1. What is the purpose of this new blog as opposed to this old one?

    Building fences is extremely important, I can testify to that. One of my blogging friend (jewishfire.blogspot.com) recently apostacized. He was constantly with xians, reading their sites, accepting gifts from them and now he had "discovered Yeshua" (yimach shemo). Keep up the good work.

  2. This is why the Sages forbid us to take them as friends and share our simchas with them. They start seeming so nice until they hook some poor hapless Jew. WIll you not reconsider allowing them to post on your blogs? They are using your sites as a platform from which to disseminate their poison and make connections with Jews who visit there. It's like letting drugpushers sell their stuff out of your yard.

  3. BK

    As I wrote two posts before

    I feel that this blog has gotten sidetracked on the xtian issue and I want to bring the focus back to Mashiach and the Geula. Therefore, be'ezrat Hashem, I will be starting a separate blog devoted to the xtian issue.

  4. Devash, I've now banned outright missionizing although I think that that debate is necessary (as long as I steer it) to fulfill the purpose of the site, which is to prove the truth of Judaism and bring back lost Jews.

    When my friend went through financial difficulties, the only one who helped him was a Christian missionary. We weren't there. He became friends with them and now he is lost.

  5. BK
    What do you think missionizing is? I'll tell you. It is a xtian talking to a Jew because a xtian's life revolves around "making disciples of all men". Everything they do and everything they say is to achieve this goal. I wonder how many other Jews now have questions because of the lies that the Frank family and other xtian missionizing they were exposed to on your blog. Keep this in mind
    Four months ago yehudi01 wrote on your blog

    I have known the Frank family for a long time, and I can say that they have no intention of converting anybody. Jason is literally a sponge for yedda v'emet. Obviously, the same cannot be said about other xtians...in fact, most. Jason is a friend to Israel and Jews, and shouldn't be seen as a threat or the enemy.
    ....a friend, (who happened to be a Christian), gave us money with no strings attached, from one friend to another! I will say this....in that terrible time of need, there were 6 people who helped us. Two were Jews. Four were Christians who we had never met. Not one person has ever suggested that I 'consider' Jesus..or come to a church. No mention of anything religious of any kind. A simple, "We would like to help."

    Again, a heartfelt thank you to those who helped. My point is this:
    It is possible to be friends with a non-Jew and still retain your Jewish identity. They don't have leperosy, and..at least Jason Frank and the others who helped us, have proven that they are loyal friends without an agenda.

    I will say it again Jews must not be friends with, take money from or debate xtians.

  6. Exactly. That was the purpose of my pointing it out.

    I believe that the debate that I have going on on my site is the equivalent to the debate that Rabbi Tovia Singer or the rabbis from Jews for Judaism allow on their forums. Questions are posed but outright missionizing is forbidden. Closing the comment section would defeat the entire purpose, as well as convince them that Jews are afraid of their lies.

  7. We must learn that every X - tian is Anti - Jewish because of their agenda to proselyze the jews.
    They are as dangerous as the islamic terrorists. But in an other kind.

    It is (like) Esav who hugs Yaakov, but in the same time he is biting into the neck of Yaakov/Am Jisrael.