Tisha b'Av

While we are mourning over our lost Temples, our lost land(Gush Katif), our lost souls (those Jews who have been drawn away from Torah and enticed to follow false gods), and our lost closeness to HaShem, the goyim will be celebrating. There will be two conferences held by "Ephraimites" on Friday August 8-Sunday August 10.

The first "I Am Israel" conference is sponsored by Messianic Israel Alliance founded by Angus and Batya Wooten. MIA represents the Jewish (Judah) part or the Two-house or Ephraimite movement.

From the MIA website

"This summer, big things are going to happen. In August, we will be hosting our international conference (“I Am Israel”) in St. Louis. During that event, we will be forming the first Congress of B’nai Ephraim, which will place our movement on the path toward having the people of Ephraim legally recognized by the international community as a people. The significance of this act cannot be overstated.

That same weekend, we will be hosting our unprecedented March Through the Arch, an activist-style rally held at the “Gateway to the West,” signifying the prophetic return of God’s people “from the west.” The March Through the Arch will also include a parade through the streets of downtown St. Louis. The purpose behind all of these actions is to announce to the world that Ephraim exists and showcase our support for the nation of Israel. We expect this event to generate significant and widespread media coverage, which will carry our message throughout the world."

I have posted this before but for convenience I am posting it again.
Here is a preview of what MIA believes

"Messianic Israel declares that Believers in yeshu were not meant to replace Judah as Israel, but as "Ephraim," they are part of the called out ones (ekklesia), and in these latter-days, the Father is leading them to, whenever Scripturally possible, join with Judah; that Judah (faithful Jewish ones who will receive Messiah) and Ephraim (faithful non-Jewish Messiah followers) ultimately will fulfill the destiny of the two houses of Israel: that together they might fulfill the prophesies about the one, unified, victorious people of Israel.

Messianic Israel maintains that up to this general time "blindness in part" has happened to all (both houses) of Israel, and as the blinders are lifted, non-Jewish followers in yeshu will gain insight into their role as Ephraim, they will become defenders of Scriptural Torah and of Judah, and due to this character change, many Jewish people will accept yeshu as Messiah. This process has already begun as indicated through the Judah(Messianic Jewish Movement), Ephraim (Christian Zionism movement ), and the union of Judah and Ephraim(Messianic Israel Movement).
The reunion and full restoration of the two houses: This is the hope that burns in the hearts of those of Messianic Israel...

Notice that Jews who don't believe in yeshu are not included in the "commonwealth of Israel".

The second conference is the "Restorahation Conference" in Chicago being held at the same time.

The speakers at this conference, including Eddie Chumney, represent the gentile side of the Two-house or Ephraimite movement who also call themselves xtian zionists. Don't be confused, as I often am by this ridiculous theology, by the fact that the gentile side can still call themselves rabbi, put on a tallit and give a dvar Torah in their churches. The sad thing is that Israeli Jews are helping these people achieve their goals. Reuven Prager and Gershon Ferency HaKohen will be speaking at this conference.


  1. This will lead to a neo-Crusade, I am afraid, to reconquer Israel.

  2. This will lead to a neo-Crusade, I am afraid, to reconquer Israel.

  3. I think that you may appreciate my new post about them: