The Battalion of Deborah together with Covenant Alliances would like to invite you to "The Day's of Elijah" conference.

We will be hosting the Knesset-Christian Allies Caucus, "Texas Style" featuring MK Bennie Elon, Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, Josh Reinstein, MK David Rotem, MK Elhanan Glazer, Roy Kendal, Jim & Jackie Gaylor & Yedida Atlas together with a dozen other public officals and dedicated activists.

What possible reason could there be for Israeli Jews to attend a xian BBQ in Texas?

Come join us in a weekend pact with fantastic music, banners, and great line up of speakers, and a time of great fellowship and to get strength to face the days a head. We are truly in the "Day's of Elijah", just as the Lord told Elijah, there are 7000 just like you. God has chosen you and we need to renew our strength from each other. This will be your time to renew your strength. Israel is coming to you, and never before will get such an impact as now.

I thought G-d chose the Jews not the xians.

Other Featured Speakers
Sherlock Bally * Pastor David Decker * Keith Anderson * Avi Lipkin * Christine Darg, 'Woman on the Walls' * Mike Sodrei, Former US Congressman * Elyakim HaEtzni * Congressman Louie Gohmert * Col. (Ret.) Moshe Leshem * Cary Jarrett, 'Christian Friends of Israel' * Sondra Baras, CFOIC * Lennie Allen, 'Bridges for Peace' * Don Tipton, 'FriendShips' * David Wiseman * Richard Booker * Pastor Pitts Evans * Eiton Moore * Jim Soleberg, 'Bridges for Peace' * Joe Davis * Dave Weldon, Former US Congressman

Some of these people have ties to messianic groups and/or groups that evangelize Jews.

There will be speakers from all areas of Israel. Including
the Government, the Military, Medical, Judea, Samaria, & Jerusalem.
You can participate in Panel Discussion with Knesset members where you can ask about the concerns you are having, and questions you want to ask.

If only Israeli Jews had this same opportunity.

You'll get to hear reports by numerous Israel ministries that cover many areas of Israel. Including humanitarian, alliyah programs, working as a volunteer in Israel.

Keep in mind "Israel ministries" means opportunities for xians to speak to Jews about yeshu.

The "Days of Elijah" conference will be held on August 29th, 30th and 31st. Come join us in a conference of a life time with a great line of speakers in a Texas motif.

You will hear speakers from the Knesset, Judea and Samaria, an Israel hospital, and you will hear first hand from Arutz Sheva, plus so much more. We have brought Israel to you. Get a first-hand update on what is really happening in Israel, as well as a chance to ask Knesset members questions. To top it all off you'll have the opportunity to participate in a live radio broadcasting to Jerusalem.

Why is Arutz Sheva broadcasting it?

Rabbi Tovia Singer was also to attend this conference but decided not to because of the messianic connections even though he had "halachic permission".

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  1. I'm sure this is a reference to the fact that Tovia was SUPPOSED to be there speaking for Arutz 7 and broadcasting his show from the event.... of course, we know that's not gonna happen.