I don't know about the rest of you but I have been keeping an eye on the hurricanes, probably because living in hurricane territory as a child they always intrigued me. With current technology we can know that a hurricane is on its way days or even weeks in advance which allows much time to warn others and to stock up on food, batteries and candles but eventually the time comes to board up the windows and go inside and wait it out. When this time comes there is nothing else to do but pray and hope for the best. I believe we are at this point on the way to redemption. The time for warning people and trying to "change the world" is over. We have the month of Elul to go "inside", pray and hope for the best. May HaShem bring all of Bnai Israel close to him in true tshuva and redeem us.


  1. Very aptly put.

  2. Amen. Good analogy.

    I heard one newsman say: "Pardon the pun, but it seems like this hurricane is drowning out the distraction of the election campaign."

    During the month of teshuva as the entire world stands before a great judgement, Hashem is doing everything he can to get the world's attention focused on His awesomeness.