Eddie Chumney (who sometimes uses the title Rabbi) is one of the main leaders in the Hebrew Roots movement which has evolved into the xtian zionist movement. The two-house theology orginated with him as far as I can tell. He has authored many books including Restoring the Two Houses of Israel in which he writes

“Who are the two houses of Israel? Historically, they were the Northern Kingdom (house of Israel) and the Southern Kingdom (house of Judah). Today, the two houses of the G-d of Israel are known by the more common names of Christianity (house of Israel) and Judaism (house of Judah). Both Christianity (house of Israel) and Judaism (house of Judah) worship the G-d of Israel. However, they have historically disagreed with the method of expressing true Biblical worship to the G-d of Israel. These disagreements have divided the children of the G-d of Israel into two houses of worship of the G-d of Israel. Why are the two houses of Israel (Christianity and Judaism) divided?

There are two MAJOR disagreements between the two houses of Israel (Christianity and Judaism). These two major disagreements are the role of the Torah in true Biblical worship of the G-d of Israel and who is the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach). In spite of these two disagreements, both houses of Israel have been used by the G-d of Israel to preserve the following two very important truths within the Kingdom of the G-d of Israel. Judaism (house of Judah) has preserved the truth that the Torah is eternal and is the Tree of Life given by the G-d of Israel. Christianity (house of Israel) has preserved the truth that [yeshu] is the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach)."

From Chumney's website

During the tribulation period/Jacob’s trouble, the house of Judah (Judaism) and the house of Israel (Christianity) will be fleeing from the land of Babylon (America) and returning to the land of Israel. When both houses of Israel return to the land of their forefathers, the centuries of exile will be over. The house of Judah (Judaism) and the house of Israel (Christianity) will be one nation when they return to the land of Israel. They will be redeemed, restored, reconciled and unified in the land of Israel (Ezekiel [Yechezekel] 37:15-28). After this event happens, the Jewish Messiah (Mashiach) [yeshu] will set His feet on the mount of Olives and be King over all the earth (Zechariah [Zecharyah] 14:4, 9) and usher in the Messianic Age (Athid Lavo) teaching the Torah to the nations from the city of Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) (Isaiah [Yeshayahu] 2:2-3)."

The following are excerpts from an email sent by Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries.

This e-mail concerns the plans to start a GLOBAL organization to be called,"Worldwide Biblical Zionists" at the invitation from World Likud in the land of Israel to work with Judah in the land to "build up Zion".

In January 2007, the Chairman of World Likud, Danny Danon appointed Joel Bell to begin the initiative to unite Bible believers all over the world to work with World Likud to "build up Zion".

Within a year, we want to have 1 MILLION members of this organization. Joel Bell will be the director of Worldwide Biblical Zionists. Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l will be working closely with Joel to build the network to accomplish this vision.

Joel Bell and the Sagiv Assulin will be speaking at the "Restoration of the Kingdom" conference July 17- 20 in Portland, Oregon at the Shilo Inn and Conference Center about the vision of "Worldwide Biblical Zionists" and how you can become an ACTIVE member.

Joel and Sagiv will also be available to speak to churches in NE and Central Ohio during the week of July 28-August 3.

If you have a church or fellowship group in FLORIDA and you would like Joel and Sagiv to make a presentation on the vision of Worldwide Biblical Zionists encouraging people to become members of the organization, please contact us.

WORLDWIDE BIBLICAL ZIONIST TOUR TO ISRAEL There will be a Worldwide Biblical Zionist tour to Israel from November 8 - 18. This will be a MEMBERS ONLY tour. If you are not a member, you need to join! This tour will be focused on connecting with those in the land of Israel who will be working to promote Worldwide Biblical Zionists.

This tour will be highlighted with a 3 day World Likud Board Governors conference where we will interact with Knesset members, Mayors throughout Israel, and Senior advisors on security, trade, education, and Aliyah. You will go behind the scenes with senior military officials. We will visit the Military Academy and explore the opportunities available. This tour will include touring Judea and Samaria - travelling to Beit El, Shilo, and visiting our offices in Sha'ar Benjamin as well as lunch with the mayor of Ariel. We'll also visit the ancient city of Hevron where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah and Leah are buried as well as Jesse and Ruth. In Hevron we'll visit the Torah Academy where the children memorize the Torah and the Prophets and Psalms. -Meet Gush Katif leaders and visit the refugee camps and the new planned communities and farms where you will find great investment opportunities. We will introduce you to the leaders in Israel who are partnering to promote the vision of Worldwide Biblical Zionists.

Other events and activities are being planned. This Biblical Zionist tour will truly be an Abrahamic journey as we experience the true meaning of "crossing over" with brother Judah. You will receive true Jewish hospitality."

The xtians involved in this "World Biblical Zionist" organization are the leaders of the Ephraimite/Two-house movement, people who believe that the xtians are the lost tribes and are the inheritors of the land of Israel specifically in Judea and Samaria.

Joel Bell and his wife are xtians living in the tribal land of Binyamin. They run Frontline Israel.

"They serve the Jewish people in the land of Israel teaching the covenants that G-d has with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their descendents, and with those who have been grafted in to the commonwealth of Israel.

Says Joel Bell, Director of Frontline, “G-d is so real to these people and to us simply because we hear the Word of G-d and we obey it - together, becoming pleasing to our Heavenly Father and receiving our eternal inheritance.” "

In a video on the World Evangelical Zionist website Joel Bell says one of the goals of the World Likud is to build a highway for Jews and lovers of Zion to come home.

World Likud Evangelical Department

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, shown in this video, is the founder of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and the International Christian Zionist Center in Binyamin. I hope to write more on him in a future post.

Joel Bell and the Sagiv Assulin will be speaking at the "Restoration of the Kingdom" conference about the vision of "Worldwide Biblical Zionists".

The "Restoration of the Kingdom" conference is a meeting of the leaders and teachers of the Ephraimite movement.

From Hear o Israel the host of the conference:

"Two-House 101
The Restoration of Israel
The House of Israel mentioned in Jeremiah is Ephraim, those born-again non-Jews. Remember that all Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews. In the heavenly Jerusalem of Revelation 21:12 notice that all those born again folks planning on having everlasting life must enter the city through one of 12 gates, one for each of the twelve tribes. Isn't it funny and strange how ------ forgot to make a gate for Christians or "saved Gentiles". The reason is that everyone in Renewed Covenant Israel from both sides of the physical family is a descendent of Israel. In Jeremiah 31:3-22 we read detailed descriptions of Ephraim (ten tribes) returning to the land. We see the ten tribes being replanted on the mountains of Israel. It was [yeshu himself] who promised the twelve talmidim a millennial rule over twelve verifiable and recognizable tribes of re-gathered Israel (Matthew 19:28). Zechariah in chapter 8:22-23, specifically refers to ten men representing the ten returning tribes grabbing the tzitzit (fringes) of a Jew (Messiah) and declaring that they will also return to Zion and Torah. Notice that these ten returning men speak all of the world's known languages. In this passage we see the ongoing return of all Israel, to Israel!"

This is from the website of another Ephraimite group Messianic Israel Alliance

"We had several very interesting conversations with Sagiv, and we have established an ongoing working relationship with him. One remark he made to me really struck home, “We have six million Jews in Israel, and some six million Jews in the rest of the world. We don’t have enough Jews!”

They don’t have enough Jews to possess the West Bank! And it was a lack of Jews that caused them to give back the Sinai and withdraw from Gaza.
Sagiv was describing the same problem that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob faced, they didn’t have the numbers to take possession of the Land that the God of Israel had given them. Therefore, they were limited to being aliens in the land of promise (Heb 11:9-10).

What are the Jews to do?

Sagiv is speaking for a new generation of Jews, who no longer define friends and enemies on theological lines. They see their enemies as those that are trying to destroy them, and their friends are those that are trying to help them. They are looking to “Bnei Efraim" (B’nai Ephraim, or Sons of Ephraim) as Sagiv calls us, for the numbers to enable the people of Israel to possess the land. Or, to enable them, at the very least, to keep the entire city of Jerusalem and the settlements that they now have on the West Bank.

Sagiv is not alone in looking to Ephraim to join with them. I have been in touch with several members of the Sanhedrin and the New Jewish Congress who join Sagiv in his expectations that Ephraim will prove to be a great help to the Jews.

Sagiv and like-minded Jews, realize that the Messianic Israel movement does not have the needed numbers at this time to fulfill the prophecies regarding Ephraim once again being a Mighty Man, becoming “one stick” with Judah, and returning to, and filling the land until there is no more room (Eze 37:15-28; Zec 10:7-10). But they believe that the present “Believers,” who today see themselves as B’nai Ephraim, being in some manner part of Ephraim and his companions, are forerunners of the lost sheep whom the God of Israel is calling primarily out of the two and half billion people in the world labeled Christians."

Here is a preview of what MIA believes

"Messianic Israel declares that Believers in [yeshu] were not meant to replace Judah as Israel, but as "Ephraim," they are part of the called out ones (ekklesia), and in these latter-days, the Father is leading them to, whenever Scripturally possible, join with Judah; that Judah (faithful Jewish ones who will receive Messiah) and Ephraim (faithful non-Jewish Messiah followers) ultimately will fulfill the destiny of the two houses of Israel: that together they might fulfill the prophesies about the one, unified, victorious people of Israel.

Messianic Israel maintains that up to this general time "blindness in part" has happened to all (both houses) of Israel, and as the blinders are lifted, non-Jewish followers in yeshu will gain insight into their role as Ephraim, they will become defenders of Scriptural Torah and of Judah, and due to this character change, many Jewish people will accept [yeshu] as Messiah. This process has already begun as indicated through the Judah(Messianic Jewish Movement), Ephraim (Christian Zionism movement ), and the union of Judah and Ephraim(Messianic Israel Movement).

The reunion and full restoration of the two houses: This is the hope that burns in the hearts of those of Messianic Israel...

Notice that Jews who don't believe in [yeshu] are not included in the "commonwealth of Israel".

From the MIA website

"This summer, big things are going to happen. In August, we will be hosting our international conference (“I Am Israel”) in St. Louis. During that event, we will be forming the first Congress of B’nai Ephraim, which will place our movement on the path toward having the people of Ephraim legally recognized by the international community as a people. The significance of this act cannot be overstated.

That same weekend, we will be hosting our unprecedented March Through the Arch, an activist-style rally held at the “Gateway to the West,” signifying the prophetic return of God’s people “from the west.” The March Through the Arch will also include a parade through the streets of downtown St. Louis. The purpose behind all of these actions is to announce to the world that Ephraim exists and showcase our support for the nation of Israel. We expect this event to generate significant and widespread media coverage, which will carry our message throughout the world."

There are differences between these "Ephraimite" groups but they are all working toward the goal of mass aliyah of xtians to Judea and Samaria, which they believe must happen before the Jews accept yeshu as their messiah, enabling his (yeshu's) "return".


  1. Thank you for your blog. Right to the point, one separate nation, and holy--Israel!

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  4. I recommend that you look at Yair Davidy (of www.britam.org) and Dell Grffin (aka Maggid ben Yosef) of www.torah-voice.org as developing similar theories along these lines - but long before Eddie Chumney and his Two House theory.

    None of the above accept the emerging B'nai Noach movement as the genuine vehicle for merging the descendants of the tribes of ancient Israel. Meaning those of the 10 lost tribes who fully convert to Judaism & those of the lost 10 tribes who partially convert by accepting all the Mitzvah Sheva Noach - joining together with all the other Torah oriented Jews (and in rejecting avodah zarah of the xian world).