Enough is Enough

Why do Jews insist on making alliances with xians? It is the new fad. You have government leaders tripping over each other to get the attention of American xians in particular. It is disgusting. Why are they doing this other than the obvious reason of being Erev Rav and wanting to destroy the Jewish people and Judaism by mixing it with xianity? It's all about the money, da dum dum ditty dum dum.

The International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation is having its 2009 Gala celebration.

The International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF) is pleased to annouce the 2009 Gala in celebration of Israel's independence on May 3rd and 4th in Washington, DC at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Hear from the new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, IIACF President Benny Elon along with world leaders from the Christian and Jewish communities for this historic opportunity!

The 2-day conference includes:

A Gala Dinner and Reception with invited speakers, the Chairmen of the Israel Allies Caucus worldwide including memebers of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and IIACF President Benny Elon.

Briefings for Christian pastors and ministry leaders by Israeli Embassy officials and policy experts.

A symposium on the controverisal United Nations Relief and Works Agency issue and its role in Middle East peace & stability.

A closing "Call to Prayer" and worship event for Christian leaders.

This historic event offers Christian and Jewish leaders the opportunity to interact with international parliamentarians on key issues related to the right of Israel to exist in peace within secure borders. Your voice is essential to provide a Biblical perspective on support for Israel. Confirm your attendance today and add your voice to an internationally unified chorus of support for the people and land of Israel!

There is letter to attendees on the website by Benny Elon in which he states

As Christians and Jews we face a shared destiny in the status of peace in the Middle East.

Christians and Jews have no shared destiny in anything.

This day's need is for Christians and Jews to link arms in the support of Israel and to offer parlimentarians and policy-makers new and real solutions. I call upon you to join an international movement to promote Judeo-Christian values and defend the territorial integrity of the Land of Israel.

There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. What is referred to as Judeo-Christian values are actually Jewish values that Christians stole and claim as their own, but are willing to share the credit. The fact that so-called religious Jews take Torah ideals and give xians (partial) credit for them is appalling. What is even more unbelievable is that these same Jews use the Torah for a basis to make friendships and alliances with idolators. Israel is not their homeland and they should have no say whatsoever in what happens here. They have no business being briefed and courted by goverment leaders. Very soon, our so-called xian friends will be our worst enemies and because of how some Jews have invited them into our home they will be able to hurt us even more.


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    Very good post and very true !