Bitachon-first step to separation

Bitachon, trust, not in our government, our rabbis, or the goyim, but completely in Hashem, is necessary to separate kodesh from chol, light from darkness, Israel from the nations.

Rabbi Meir Kahane, z"l, wrote in Or HaRa'ayon (pp.508-510)

Our times constitute the beginning of the redemption and the footsteps
of the Messiah. G-d in his kindness, in preparation for speedy redemption,
presently demands of us Kiddush Hashem of the sort based on faith and trust in
Him. Yet we, our children and our elders have sunk in the mire of exile,
and have raised up on a miserable banner the fear and degradation of "It
is forbidden to provoke the nations." This theme, whose sorrowful
conception and birth are in the exile, constitutes a humiliating affront to our
people, and worse, a profanation of the great name of the Supreme King. If
it suited the lowliness of the exile, when we were unwilling slaves to the
nations, powerless to raise ourselves up to defend ourselves, how dare we bring
that same desgraceful concept into the holy land, the land of G-d.

While G-d has afforded us the greatest, most
powerful miracles since the Hasmonean victories, we have remained that same
exilic product, that same slave to the nations and slave to slaves, with that
same base spirit which led G-d to decree what He decreed against our ancestors
in the desert.

Kiddush Hashem is the call of the hour, and
Kiddush Hashem is conceived, born and sustained via complete faith and trust in
G-d. We must never forget the following great principle: Whoever
relies on the non-Jew and seeks his aid, repels the Messiah, pushes off the
redemption and brings upon us G-d's wrath and ire. Redemption will come
only when Israel are alone, without any outside protection of help. Only
when the nations see, with wonderment and mouth agape, how mighty and strong G-d
is without help, will G-d's name be magnified and sanctified on earth.
Then shall the vision be realized before the eyes of the nations that "The L-rd
alone shall be exalted in that day" (Isa. 2:17).

Moreover, Israel, stubborn and insolent, will
never believe that G-d is their Redeemer so long as they have even one gentile
nation standing at their side. Only when "the L-rd alone is exalted on
that day," only when Israel sees that "G-d, alone, will direct them" (Deut.
32:12), will Israel believe in G-d and in the Torah of Moses His servant.
Indeed, this is how it will be: a nation alone with G-d alone, and both of them
alone facing the whole world. Only in that manner will Israel's redemption
come, and so to speak, of G-d, via, "Thus will I be magnified, sanctified and
become known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the
(Ezek. 38:23)

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