The purpose of this blog is to inform Jews of the obligation to be separate and isolated from the nations (non-Jews especially xtians). Therefore I cannot in good conscience add any site to my blog that link to xtian sites(other than as proof of their deception) and/or promotes friendships with non-Jews.


  1. Hatzalacha on your new blog.

  2. But how can we spread the Noahide laws if we do not have any interaction with goyyim? I have a clear no-missionizing rule, and my links to Xian sites are clearly labelled Xian. Furthermore, I have been very harsh whenver they have stepped out of line. Its not right for you to cut me out.

  3. to Bar Kochba
    First of all, I intended to email you to inform you that I was removing your link from my blog but ran out of time on Friday. The halachah is clear that we should not have relationships with them. If a non-Jew wants to learn about the sheva mitzvoth he or she can learn about them in a variety of ways and/or approach a rabbi for guidance. With the internet any person can learn about the sheva mitzvoth. It is not necessary for Jews to go teach them and it is forbidden for us to have "friendships" with them. I am sorry if this upsets you but I stand by my earlier decision. Just out of curiosity have you told your xtian friends that they need to follow the sheva mitzvoth? How many of your xtian friends have given up belief in jc and are keeping the sheva mitzvoth because of your relationship with them?

  4. I didn't realize that Bar Kochva has xtian friends. Thanks for letting me know. The halacha is very clear and therefore, I must too remove him from my list of links.

  5. You should change your statement that you cannot allow sites that promote friendship with non-Jews to friendship with Xians.

    Talmud Avot 4:3

    [Ben Azzai] would say: Do not regard anyone with contempt, and do not reject anything, for there is no man who does not have his hour and nothing that does not have its place.

    Talmud Avot 3:10

    [Rabbi Chaninah ben Dosa] would say: Whoever is pleasing to his fellow creatures is pleasing to G-d; but whoever is not pleasing to his fellow creatures, G-d is not pleased with him.

    Talmud Avot 3:14

    [Rabbi Akiva] would say: Beloved is man who was created in the divine image. An extra amount of love is given to him because he was created in the divine image as it says (Genesis 9:6) "For in the image of G-d He made man."

    A righteous gentile has a share in the World to Come.

    But this is neither here nor there.

    Could you please show me the halacha that states that we are not to have any association with Xians even if they do not missionize?

  6. B"H I will reply to Bar Kochba today or tomorrow.

  7. Hashem should bless you to continue this good work. All the best on your blog - everything that you are doing will help bring the redeemption sooner! Toda Raba!

  8. You may also want to include mysticalpaths on your blogroll as well.

    Check out my songs on my blog.


  9. Bar Kochva,
    you asked to show you the halacha that states that we are not to have any association with Xians even if they do not missionize?

    It says "ובחוקותיהם לא תלכו" (ויקרא י"ח, ג). It's מצוה דאורייתאnot to read their books, listen to their music, eat their food, etc..

    Chazal teaches us that this Mitzvah applies to everything - not only to separate from the Goyim in clothing, food, behavior, speech, etc. Chazal tells not to befreind them to a point that if a person has נבלה, he should give it to a Ger Toshav (a goy that keeps the 7 laws of Noach) rather than SELL it to a goy because selling it to a goy might cause a freindship, r'l.

    You can learn in Gemara Pesachim.

  10. Another example of why not to read the goyim's books (or websites).
    Elisha ben Abuyah, the Rebbe of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, zs'l, became a heretic and was called Acher. It was because songs of the goyim never left his lips. They say regarding Acher, that when he arose to leave the Beit Midrash, many heretical books fell out of his cloak.

    Today many books and thoughts of the goyim are written in websites.
    One of the worst sins are
    חוטא ומחטיא

    I hope that you look further into this halacha and steer from the goyim.

  11. I have replied to bk in my latest post titled Relations with non-Jews.

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