Spiritual Warfare

We are in a spiritual war, a global battle of ideas. An important part of this battle is taking place on the internet, of course through blogs, but also on talkbacks. There were two very interesting articles on the net this week, Messianic Jews stir controversy in Jerusalem and The fight for Jerusalem begins. We need to respond to these people by spreading the Jewish idea. The Jewish idea that there is only one G-d, the Jewish G-d, one Torah, which is not the same as the xtian bible, one people of G-d, the Jewish people and those who choose to attach themselves through halachic conversion. When we as a people are separate from the nations and sanctified to Hashem, we will be a bright light that will shine throughout the whole world. In the end, Hashem, his Torah and his people (Am Yisrael) will prevail.

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