Separating from Esav

I want to focus on the separation from Esav (the christian world) particularly the ones who claim to "love Israel". Not only is our connection to them the most dangerous, because most Jews do not recognize them as a threat, but it is completely in our power to sever, as opposed to Yishmael which is much more complicated. When we left galut, that should have been the end of our connection to Esav but instead we brought them, along with their foreign culture, ideas and idolatry with us. We invited them into our land and into our homes. Even right wing, religious Jews have invited christians into their yishuvim and into their homes under the guise of building bridges for unity between Jews and gentiles or to take their generous donations. This is against Torah and we need to correct it.

Rabbi Meir Kahane said in his final shiur at the yeshiva

"...Because there is no time. Who knows how much time is left. We have to say it - and then, 90% of our supporters will leave us. Oh well, so be it. But we have to say it. To say: Do Tsheuva! But not just the tsheuva that everyone else talks about. Of course Shabbat, and of course Kashrut, learning Torah, modesty - everything. But - to wreck the relations! That is the real tsheuva! To cling to God, and to separate ourselves from them. One cannot cling to God without separating himself from them. It doesn't go together. That's it. It's not easy. Isolation was always difficult. It is something that always caused worry. But it has to be. We are a "nation that dwells alone" (Am livadad yishkon - BaMidbar, 23:9). People read the verse. How nice. What a nice song it makes. But it isn't a song, and it isn't some nice saying. It is Jewish law. The laws of isolation."

If you doubt that we are so intwined with Esav that it is hard to tell the difference between a Jew and a Christian watch the following video.

Christian Jews or Jewish christians?


  1. Good job! But where's the other video?

  2. We need to publicize this. It is abundantly clear how our "friends" react when we tell them to keep their faith to themselves.

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