Missionaries in Sderot-What do they expect

FACT: When you take money or help from xtians you open yourself up to missionary activity. What did they expect? Did they really believe them when they said "We love you, we want to help you, no strings attached"?

Missionary Activity in Sderot
by Hillel Fendel 11/14/07

Increased pro-Jesus missionary activity has been initiated in Kassam-besieged Sderot over the past two weeks, local residents say. On the backdrop of Kassams exploding into the small city of Sderot, the mostly working-class population is now facing yet another danger: missionary activity. Local residents say, "They are taking advantage of the difficulties here and trying to convert us to their beliefs."

Herzl Shayubi, who served until recently as Deputy Mayor of Sderot, told Arutz-7 "You can see that they have become very active here of late, with large signs about repentance and door-to-door activity with their Bibles and materials... In one case, I physically stopped one of them when I saw what he was giving out."

Moshe Malka, an activist of the Yad L'Achim anti-missionary organization who has family living in Sderot, said, "The missionaries - most of them 'Messianic Jews' - often show up to the weekly market day, marketing their destructive wares... Many of the residents say that the missionaries are taking advantage of their difficult situation to try to entice them to join their services - and it really appears that they have targeted Sderot. For instance, around the country they give out cheap editions of the New Testament, but here in Sderot they have been giving out a very fancy edition, with a very beautiful gold and black binding and gold-edged pages. I went into some houses to show them the book and ask if they've ever seen one like it - and they say, 'Sure, someone once gave us this' and they pull it out of their libraries. The missionaries simply prey on the ignorant and the weak."

"They have two houses here in Sderot, one on Natan Elbaz Street and one on Shivat Tzion [Return to Zion] Street In one of them, they have a weekly class in Russian on Friday evenings, and in the other they have Sabbath prayer services - featuring Jesus, of course... We have found that a 60-year-old man named Peter from nearby Bror Hayil comes and gives out literature."

Bombs and Missionaries in Sderot
Yad L'Achim 14/11/07

Taking advantage of the fear and distress in this western Negev town, cults are knocking on doors with promises of ‘salvation’.

As if it weren’t bad enough that Sderot residents are being hit by incessant Kassem rockets, they are also being bombarded by missionaries who are seeking to take advantage of their distress by promising them “salvation.”

Residents report that the missionaries knock on their doors and offer an impressively bound “new testament” that was published in a special edition for Sderot. The missionaries promise that these books will serve as a good luck charm to protect residents from rocket attacks.

Messianics in Sderot

According to the video two messianic groups are run out of a messianic center in Sderot, the Joseph Project run by Joel Chernoff of the MJAA (Messianic Jewish Association of America) and the Joshua Fund run by Joel Rosenberg in conjunction with municipal leaders and social workers.

The Joseph Project: In 1996, the Joseph Project was inspired by a prophetic word that NOW is the time to prepare for massive immigration to Israel of at least a million Jewish people from Eastern Europe and Russia in the near future. In 2006 alone we have shipped over $70 million of goods that were distributed via our 30 humanitarian aid centers, as well as over 100 Israeli government centers. (Many of the Russians that are coming with their help are messianics.)

The Joshua Fund, therefore, is a non-profit educational and charitable organization founded to encourage Christians to:
  • Pray knowledgeably and consistently for Israel and the Middle East
  • Invite speakers to their churches and conferences to talk about how to bless srael and her neighbors and to share what God is doing in the Middle East today
  • Take vision trips to and attend conferences in Israel and the Middle East
  • Publish Christian books and music in Israel and the Middle East
  • Invest in the rebuilding of the ancient ruins in the Holy Land
  • Assist the poor and needy in Israel in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Support the evangelical Church in Israel and the Middle East as the only true hope for peace and reconciliation

    Quote from Rosenberg in the video:
    "We don't just kind of burst onto the scene and say hey here's some help how can we help. We work closely with the mayor's office here, closely with the local leaders and so that if they're feeling comfortable then they can tell people look this is a good thing. We've got christians coming from all over the world to help us and this is a good thing."

    Quote from a xtian in the video:
    "The least we can do is help them with their material needs and this opens them up to all that the lord might have for them." (Code for after we give them stuff they will feel obligated to listen to us preach to them)

    Orthodox Deputy Mayor of Sderot thanks the MJAA's Joseph Project for our needed help Monday, March 17, 2008

  • The Deputy Mayor's words follow: "I would like to say a few words. First of all, welcome and thank you very much for all that you are doing. and to all those involved. I do not believe that there are those who do not know Ms. Jo (Kaplan)and the Joseph Project, since she has come to us many times here to Sderot, doing projects such as these and others, including all kinds of distributions together with the Volunteer Unit. So this is not the first time, and thank you very much. Now I would like to relate to what you mentioned in your speech about the Sderot residents. What you mentioned about the Prime Minister, that is also the way the residents here feel. We are really currently in a war. A war that has been going on for a long time. But our ray of light is that the residents here are standing firmly and strongly, and they do not break, despite all the difficulties. This is our might as a nation, which is very much due to people such as yourselves who come to us here, to encourage, support, strengthen, and identify with us. It is therefore important to say, that this identification, even though sometimes it may not be to bring something, just a phone call, or a visit, does us a world of good, and gives us a lot of strength to continue to remain in this city." As a symbolic gesture, we wanted to grant you a gift of 'A key to the city."'You have reached almost every home in this city, Jo and the Joseph Project, and I would therefore like to present this key to you. This is for you. Thank you for all that you do. Your good hearts give us a reason to smile, even though we find ourselves in such a difficult situation. Thank you!"

    Separation is the key. We must separate from the xtians. We must trust Hashem to provide for our needs and not the goyim. All missionaries should be evicted from Sderot and all of Israel.


    1. But why are Jews not providing the same thing? We need to get to our brothers before the goyim can. These xians are simply preying on our weakness.

    2. Jews are providing the same thing. I know for a fact that there are many Jewish programs providing money, clothes, and toys. There were programs that made mishloach manot and Pessach food boxes.