I meant to post this a week ago but I was so overwhelmed with the research for my post on the World Likud, that this was overlooked.

Parshat Balak Bamidbar 23:9

ובגוים לא יתחשב-And not be reckoned among the nations. When the final reckoning is made to punish the nations, Israel will not be included among them (Rashi). Midrash HaGadol interprets this as a reference to Israel's mission to remain separate and distinct from the nations. From this blessing that Balaam delivered against his will, we see what he had hoped to achieve (see Sanhedrin 105a): that Jews assimilate with the nations and be left with neither religion nor renown.

We can see from this that nothing has changed. The goal of xtians is to "break down the walls of separation" and "build bridges" so that we will cease to be a distinct nation.

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