Why do Jews prefer to trust xtians over former xtian converts to Judaism?

Gavriel Sanders a former xtian who converted to Orthodox Judaism on the issue of alliances with xtians.

Christian Zionists who seek to de-Judaize Israel


  1. Think of the effort to allow Messianics to make aliyah. They want to claim a part of Israel themselves. Essentially, we are cannon fodder for the "Second Coming".

  2. I'm also a Ger, so I know that what he is telling you is the truth.

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  4. Rachav thank you for your post. I am reposting it below with the name removed because I don't feel it is necessary or appropriate to mention names here.

    Rachav said...

    Speaking as a bat Noah, several of my noahide friends and I tried to warn Rabbi ******** about these messies and we got abused roundly for our trouble.

    I too heard a missionary say that they tell the rabbis that they were not there to convert them, then she added, "But won't they be surprised when we do?"