There is only one true religion and that is Judaism. Judaism has a place and path for non-Jews but not a separate, equal, parallel religion for the non-Jew being promoted by some “Rabbis” recently.


“Non-Jews who come to the Jewish people and want to be ger toshav, want to be part of the Jewish community as strangers, as converts but not convert to Judaism but to the non-Jewish, Jewish community...."

huh ?? Converts but not convert to Judaism? non-Jewish Jewish community? Non-Jews can only be part of the Jewish community by converting to Judaism, that’s it. Many of the mitzvoth were given specifically to separate us from the non-Jews.

“Many Rabbis when faced with a potential convert, will suggest that the convert will consider being a Noahide, being a ger toshav" A Noahide isn’t something one considers or becomes. Every non-Jew who believes in Hashem and only in Hashem is a Noahide. Presuming that a non Jew who approaches a Rabbi for conversion already believes Hashem is the one and only G-d, he is already a Noahide. He is commanded by Hashem to refrain from committing murder, stealing, taking and eating the flesh of an animal while it is still alive and blaspheming the name of Hashem. He is commanded to set up (or follow) a system of law and to abstain from a series of sexual prohibitions, which include adultery, incest, bestiality and male homosexuality.

Noahides and ger toshav are not the same, the words cannot be used interchangeably. There are many halachot when determining the status of a ger toshav. Ger toshav status cannot be given until there is a recognized Sanhedrin and only in a yovel year. Even under these circumstances the Sanhedrin can deny status if it will be detrimental to the Jewish people in any way. A ger toshav is entitled to be support by the Jewish community. This obviously could only apply to a small number of non-Jews as it is a burden on the Jewish people. This could never apply to the millions of non-Jews that are interested in ger toshav status in order to live in Eretz Yisrael.

There may be Rabbis who want to change the halachah but whether or not that would or should happen, it is irresponsible and down right dangerous to be promoting the idea of ger toshav among the goyim.

“Ideally the Jewish people should have taught the Torah to the whole world but we didn’t do it, that’s the bottom line, we didn’t do it” I have heard this from almost every Rabbi who is working with non-Jews. "If you repeat something enough times it becomes fact" may work in the media and politics but it doesn’t work in halachah. This idea came from the non-Jews. They are the ones telling the Jews, "You were supposed to be a light to the nations", "you failed in your mission". This is not only anti-semitic it is anti-Torah.

First of all, when were we supposed to teach the goyim Torah? When they were exiling us from their countries, forcing us to convert to their false religions or trying to eradicate us from the planet? Second, there is no commandment to teach Torah to non-Jews on the contrary it is forbidden. You may ask, what about being a light to the nations or verse that says the Torah will go out from Jerusalem? These are statements not commandments and will come about only after Mashiach comes and institutes a society based on the Torah. Right now you have many Rabbis teaching many corrupt forms of Torah. There is no leadership and no authority. Of course this is just the argument used to justify the real agenda which is the erev rav agenda of mixing Jews and non-Jews and Judaism and other religions.

This argument promotes another false idea that a person can’t know Hashem except through a mediator, the Jews. The soul of a sincere and good person searches out Hashem just like Avraham did. Hashem sees when a person desires truth and he leads them to the truth. To say false religions and idolatry and the judgement and condemnation on all its adherents for thousands of years is all the fault of the Jewish people because we are a big failure is sick. What kind of a cruel G-d would select a people to be messengers, knowing they would fail and then punish all those who didn’t receive the message?

It is very important that when taking in any information, no matter the source, we carefully scrutinize it for even the smallest percentage of untruth. By separating the lies from the truth we continue making the tikkun for the sin in Gan Eden and hopefully preserve the pure truth of Torah and help spread it to others.

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  1. Excellent piece by this wonderful Rabbi (a yotzeh min haklal, it seems for these days). H' bless him for the truths he brings out - finally words of truth and wisdom from a Rabbi, without the political correctness! The confusion that is being purposely promoted today is the work of Eisav & Erev Rav, to destroy Judaism and halt the coming of Moshiach. The fools think that they have one up on H'. These are G-Dless people who think they are gods. Thank you for this wonderful post. Hoping that it will be forwarded to many, many readers.