In case you missed it, here is what has happened since last Thursday, the beginning of Ramadan and the month of Tammuz.

Friday,June 19
--An Israeli citizen was shot and killed at point-blank range in the West Bank on Friday. The attack took place near the Dolev settlement, according to Israel's emergency medical service Magen David Adom, which stated the two men who were shot at by militants were in their 20s. The man fatally shot was later identified as 25-year-old Danny Gonen.

Saturday, June 20
--Israel Police reports that a firebomb was thrown at an Egged bus this evening in the Eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Yaakov...alongside the adjacent neighborhood of Beit Hanina. (source)

--A firebomb was thrown at Kever Rachel

--Chareidi family saved from lynching near Shaar Shechem (source)

--Attack on Ramle yeshiva with fireworks that started a brush fire (source)

Sunday, June 21
--A Palestinian assailant stabbed an Israeli border policeman outside Jerusalem's Old City, critically wounding him, with the officer managing to shoot his attacker, leaving him in critical condition.

--Just hours after a stabbing attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate in the Old City seriously wounded an Israel border policeman on Sunday, riots erupted on the scene where dozens of Palestinians threw rocks at Israeli forces in the area, continuing an apparent escalation in tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank since the beginning of Ramadan on Thursday. (source)

--Molotov cocktails and rocks were hurled at a bus near Geva Binyamin in the West Bank. The 45-year-old bus driver was lightly wounded by broken glass and a few people were treated for shock.

 --A Molotov cocktail was also thrown at police forces near the Ma'ale Ze'etim in East Jerusalem where a police car suffered damage and police began searching for suspects in the act.

 --Molotov cocktail was thrown at police near the cliffs of Isawiya next to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Monday, June 22
--A rock attack against a train traveling from Tel Aviv to Beersheva was reported during the Monday evening rush hour, 5 Tammuz. A window was cracked from the impact but it was not blown out of place. (source)

Tuesday, June 23 
--Rocket attack from Gaza (ISIS) near Yad Mordechai
(Muqata, fb)

Wednesday, June 24
--Two illegal Palestinian workers are suspect in the murder of a 70-year-old farmer, David Bar, who was declared deceased Wednesday evening at Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center after being severely beaten in his fields in Moshav Pedaya near Rehovot where Bar lived.

Thursday, June 25
--Cleared for publication: Earlier today a Gazan drone was identified flying over Gaza towards the Israeli border. The drone crash landed near the border. No damage or injuries reported.
(Muqata, fb)

--Molotov cocktails start fire in town near Jerusalem (source)

Many attacks aren’t being covered by the media while Netanyahu claims the security situation has improved. (source)

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  1. Same ol' co-dependent, Israeli government more concerned about not upsetting the Arab world and "International Community," that its own constituents.