Shalom Bayit is the foundation the Jewish home is built on. It is a prerequisite to raising healthy Jewish children and it is the key to a successful marriage.

From the "last minute message from Moishe’la";

Discard all excess Gashmius, build a true Jewish home where the husband is an Oved Hashem and an Ohev Yisroel and a Baal Chessed and one that learns Torah, where the wife is a true Tzniusdik Eshes Chayil and the children are Temimusdik, sweet, Erlich, well behaved, and truly believing in Hashem. That is a true Jewish home, a true Bais Hamikdosh Mi'at.

True Shalom Bayit, Rav Shalom Arush;

Shalom bayit (marital peace) is the main purpose of man‟s life in this world; it is the main purpose of the holy Torah. The main purpose of the entire creation is peace. Some people think that there are those who are “lucky” and have their shalom bayit easily. They think that if one attains shalom bayit good; and if not, no big deal. Shalom bayit is not attained by way of miracles or luck, it‟s achieved through hard work. The good news is that we can all merit to attain true shalom bayit.

For those who are not yet married and are looking for a marriage partner, they require many hours of prayer and pleading before Hashem. They should ask Hashem, “Master of the Universe, please help me find my partner in life. May they be the person whom I will be able to complete my mission in life. May they have good character traits and not a person filled with rage; rather full of emuna and happy with their lot in life…” He should ask Hashem for everything.

For those who are already married, they should ask Hashem, “Master of the Universe, help me to only see my spouse and no other person. Help me to grow spiritually with them and raise beautiful children, who will blossom into masters of emuna and loving-kindness. May we merit loving each other endlessly…”

Shalom bayit is a very lofty thing, for a person‟s home is like a mini-Beit HaMikdash where the Divine Presence dwells. Anything less than this is not true shalom bayit. We should all strive to reach a level of shalom bayit where Hashem‟s Divine Presence dwells.

If so, how can we reach this level in order to merit this? The first step is prayer. A person should get into the habit of praying for everything in life; how much more so for shalom bayit which is the main purpose of man? For it is written (Psalms 127:1) “If Hashem doesn‟t build the house, the builders labor in vain.” King David wasn‟t speaking about a physical house; rather, he‟s showing us that if we truly desire to have shalom bayit, we must ask Hashem to help us, otherwise all our efforts are for not. 

Here are three shiurim to build and improve shalom bayit from the Naaleh website.

After a 5 minute preview the site requires you to create an account to view the remaining time.  There is no fee for the account and there are hundreds of other shiurim on many topics.  I thought it was well worth the minute it took to fill out.

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