The End of Days, by Shmuel Raber,p.23;

Towards the End of Days, an alien entity called the airev rav will rise to power and stand at the head of the Jewish Nation.
("In the period before the Mashiach arrives, audacity will be abundant...and the airev rav will once again become the 'shepherds' over Israel" (Biur haGra on Tikunei Zohar Chadash 27b).

The system of government of the airev rav will be comprised of judges and officers of a low moral standard and arrogant and vulgar individuals who will not place their trust in Hashem but will rely on the power of flesh and blood. (inferred from Sanhedrin 98a)

In just the past week Jews were removed from Har Habayit and Kever David, by our own police under order of our own government, to please the Muslims and the Xians.

POLICE REMOVE RABBI FROM TEMPLE MOUNT FOR MOVING HIS HEAD IN A "PRAYERFUL" MANNERRabbi Shaul Yonatan Weingort, Dean of Yeshivat Shvut Yisrael in Efrat, was removed by police from the Temple Mount this morning for what the police claim was a certain head movement which constituted Jewish prayer. Rabbi Weingort tells the story:"Today I ascended Mount Moriah. It was very quiet, (with the exception of screams of "allahu achbar" as we passed the mosque, to which we have grown accustomed). We were accompanied by four policeman and four Waqf 'guards.' When we stood on the eastern side of the Mount facing the direction of the Holy Temple, we had sixteen eyes staring back at us, and they warned two of us Jews not to even think of praying.But the height of absurdity was when we sat down a little further north, still on the eastern side of the Mount, in a place we call the "Beit Midrash - Study Hall." I closed my eyes for a moment. A policemen immediately approached me and told me that he was removing me from the Temple Mount. He led me off the Temple Mount and told me that five policemen saw me move my head, and that this 'obvious' gesture of prayer was strictly forbidden!When I asked him why this wasn't mentioned in the list of things Jews are not allowed to do on the Temple Mount which was told to us by the police before we ascended the Temple Mount, he answered, "I said that prayer is forbidden, and this includes everything." I asked him in which synagogue he prays and where in the Shulchan Aruch (the authoritative codification of Jewish law), it mentions a head gesture as constituting prayer, (it was clear to me that he was a Druze and not Jewish). He answered, "It doesn't matter in which synagogue I pray, you are not allowed to move your head."This video records the policeman removing Rabbi Weingort from the Temple Mount.
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זוועה בקבר דוד.פניתי לשר לענייני דתות,ח"כ דוד אזולאי בבקשה שידרוש מינוי ועדת חקירה להתנהלות ממשלת ישראל בקבר דוד שבהר ציון.נראה שפקידים מסויימים מנהלים את קבר דוד שמוגדר כמקום קדוש ליהודים מזה אלפי שנים,ופקידים אלה מתנהלים ללא השגחה וליווי של הרבנות הראשית.הסרטון הבא יעורר בכם בושה.בסרטון ניתן לצפות בשוטרי מרחב העיר העתיקה מפנים יהודים הבוקר(יום שני.יד סיון)בעוד היהודים נושאים ספרי תורה ועטופים בטליתות ותפילין, הפינוי נועד לאפשר לנוצרים להיכנס לקבר דוד ולקיים במקום פולחן (קטורת ועוד...)של עבודה זרה ובכך לחלל את המקום המקודש ליהודים.אני תקווה שממשלת ישראל החדשה תנחה את הפקידות ואת המשטרה לשנות את מדיניותם בקבר דוד.
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